Locked in senior: Daughter speaks out

Lisa Wilson, the daughter of Alan Viegas, this morning sent to the Alice Springs News an image containing two photos of her father.

In a message including “My Dad, Alan” Ms Wilson says: “Please print the … photo, with accompanying brief. Thank you.”

Abusers Organisation:: Old Timers Aged Care Facility
Type of Abuse:: Financial, Physical, Neglect, Emotional, Psychological or Mental

Supreme Court to determine appeal relating to a one-legged man’s right to live on his yacht after discharge from Royal Hobart hospital

The man at the centre of a legal battle over his right to live on a yacht after his discharge from hospital has died but the case continues in the Supreme Court.

THE Supreme Court will determine an appeal relating to a one-legged man’s right to live on his yacht, despite the man’s recent death.

The Tasmanian Health Service has appealed against a Supreme Court decision to set aside a guardianship order that could have stopped the mature-aged, one-legged man from living aboard his yacht for six months after he was discharged from the Royal Hobart Hospital.

Abuser Name or Alias:: Paul Turner, SC
Abusers Organisation:: Tasmanian Health Service has appealed against a Supreme Court decision to set aside a guardianship order that could have stopped the mature-aged, one-legged man from living aboard his yacht for six months after he was discharged from the Royal Hobart Hospital.
Type of Abuse:: Financial, Physical, Neglect, Emotional, Psychological or Mental, Death, Medical neglect
Matter Resolved?: Ongoing

Elderly amputee wins court battle after being prevented from living on yacht

Editors notes: J refused to consider living elsewhere, so a hospital social worker filed an application to the guardian and administration board. The board concluded that J lacked capacity to make reasonable decisions about his accommodation.
Abusers job or title:: Doctors, social workers and psychologists at Royal Hobart hospital.

Man known as J was held in hospital under guardianship order for eight months

An elderly amputee has been given the all clear to return to live on his yacht after being held in hospital under a guardianship order for eight months.

The case is likely to pique the interests of the aged care royal commission and the upcoming national inquiry into the disability sector.

Abuser Name or Alias:: Dr Madeline Black and Psychologist John Murphy
Abusers Organisation:: Royal Hobart hospital
Type of Abuse:: Financial, Physical, Neglect, Emotional, Psychological or Mental, Medical neglect

SA nursing home blocks daughters' unsupervised visits with dying mother

Two older women gather around their bed-ridden mother.Two sisters say they've been left traumatised by a decision to limit their access to their dying mother after a dispute with her nursing home in regional South Australia.

The sisters, Catherine Loran and Sylvia Mullan, have been sole carers for their mother, 86-year-old Doreen Loran, for a decade and feel the issue arose after they complained about the home's "disgusting" level of care.

After a bitter dispute with her Port Augusta-based aged care provider, Edenfield Family Care Nerrilda, the sisters said they'd been limited to just two one-hour supervised visits per week.

Ms Loran has dementia and breast cancer and has been given months to live.

"It's like mum's a prisoner, not a resident," Ms Mullan said.

Six young Australians a day forced into nursing homes

Royal commission hears of plight of young Australians stuck in aged care

Every day six young Australians are institutionalised in the aged care system because there is nowhere else they can go to receive the care they need.

The aged care royal commission is sitting in Melbourne this week and is turning its attention to people aged under 65 in nursing homes.

Witnesses tell shocking tales about Guardian

Horror stories of medical maltreatment of people in the care of the NSW guardianship authorities, including the alleged euthanasia of an elderly woman against the wishes of her family, were recounted to a parliamentary committee yesterday. Witnesses wept as they gave evidence of officials of the Public Guardian’s office confiscating the assets of their relatives and putting them in hospitals and nursing homes where they were prevented from seeing their families and subjected to massive doses of psychotropic drugs.

More than 100 friends and families of people subject to guardianship orders packed the theatrette at Parliament House for an unusual public forum chaired by Swansea MP Mr. Milton Orkopoulos, applauding as witnesses denounced the decisions and policies of the guardianship bureaucracy.

The most dramatic testimony came from a Sydney woman, Frances Cookson, who said that her previously alert and active mother had been allowed to die of “thirst and starvation” after the Guardianship Tribunal intervened in a family dispute over her care, and hospitalized her, where she was incorrectly diagnosed as suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and given powerful drugs.

Brandishing pictures of her emaciated-looking mother, Ms. Cookson alleged that “a decision was made to terminate my mother by denying her food and water” by medical staff “in the Fairfield area” who had access to a book on euthanasia called Playing God. Her mother died in March 1995, only a matter of months after being placed under guardianship.

Abuser Name or Alias:: NSW Public Guardian
Abusers Organisation:: State Authority
Type of Abuse:: Financial, Physical, Neglect, Chemical Restraint, Death
Matter Resolved?: No

Paddy Costa

NSWTG-EXPOSED NOTES: Paddy Costa battled the Australian ‘Office of Protective Commissioner’ (OPC) for many years.  Her efforts to reform the government system, which handled incapacitated people, was continuously blocked.  She created an organisation called COPPA, which stood for ‘Carers Of Protected Persons Association’, which no longer exists.  Paddy passed away sometime during the early 2000’s.  I have very little information about Paddy Costa.  If you could assist me in gathering a more comprehensive insight, into the work that Paddy accomplished, I believe that I could make very good use of it, through nswtgexposed.com.au

Treated like naughty kids
MP’s will vote soon on whether the NSW Guardianship Board, under attack for “playing God”, should sanction medical experiments on people under its care.

Protect us from the guardian
Until last November Capsis never dreamt that the fight that would get him most fired up would be right in his backyard. That was when responsibility for his ailing, widowed, 82-year-old mother-in-law, Gladys Raffa, was taken away from Capsis and his wife, Gail, and she was placed in the hands of the NSW guardianship authorities.

Abusers Organisation:: Australian Office of the Protective Commissioner
Type of Abuse:: Financial
Matter Resolved?: No

Geoff Thomas - Queensland Public Trustee Abuse: “Withholding my RediCard”

May 8, 2011:  Australian citizen, who fled to New Zealand, to escape the clutches of the Queensland Public Trustee, & Adult Guardian, who have been treating him with contempt, and violating his basic human rights for the last decade! He has two brain tumours, two kidney tumours and epilepsy…

Queensland Public Trustee Bullies – Confiscating CentreLink Pension

Abuser Name or Alias:: Tanya Vellacott, Michelle Vichi and Tim Feeley - Senior Officers
Abusers Organisation:: Queensland Public Trustee
Type of Abuse:: Financial
Matter Resolved?: No, Ongoing

Jon Blake

NSWGT-EXPOSED COMMENT: There are oodles of info about the existence of an Aussie bloke named Jon Blake.  Unfortunately, his life took a turn for the worst while he was still relatively young.  To compound his challenge, some awful people took advantage of his circumstances (including the NSW Public Trustee), which had a devastating effect upon his entire family.  If ever there was a memory, of a persons legacy worth fighting for, truly it is Jon Blake’s.  To Jon and all his family, I hope that the delayed justice that you never got, is bestowed upon you tenfold.

The Fight Of His Life: Jon Blake’s Battle
Jon Blake was once the rising star of Australian film with a career ahead of him so promising that a court awarded him $32 million damages for the car accident that left him brain damaged and paralysed.

Abusers Organisation:: NSW Public Trustee
Type of Abuse:: Financial
Matter Resolved?: No, Ongoing

Paula Carew


  • by: Paula Carew
  • recipient: Minister for ageing and Disability M John Ajaka, Attorney General Minister for Justice, Brad Hazzard.


Demand that an independent committee made up of non public servants be given the power to review NSW Trustee and Guardian decisions. Demand that the NSW Trustee and Guardian be stripped of their dictatorship of total control of another’s assets.

Grant MacDonald

Justice after 42 years in court marathon
Few lived to see the end of an exhausting court battle, writes Kim Arlington.
It was Bleak House played out in the NSW Supreme Court, with an inheritance dispute that dragged on for so long, many potential beneficiaries never lived to see it resolved.
Grant MacDonald is one of the few still standing.
After fighting a three-year court case while also battling cancer, the pensioner finally secured a share of his great aunt’s estate – 42 years after she died.