The first name is Judge Roper for Doniphan County Court, and he is taking children that are in great care out of their parents homes and placing them in foster homes through T.F.I. where they are getting abused, neglected and raped.

The second name is County Attorney Charles Baskens and he is also helping the state take children out of good homes and putting them in bad ones.

The fourth is Roxanne Armstrong with T.F.I. Family Services who is not taking care of the abusive homes.

Last but not least is William MaQuillen, who is my sons GAL and he is the one that was my boyfriends sisters GAL when they were younger and he did nothing to try and help my mother in law get her back. He knows just like the other three people I have listed that the homes they are placing children are abusive and neglecting the children BUT THEY DO NOT CARE!!

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