Judges name: Sally Porkorny and Justice Fairchild
Judges title: Judge and Chief Justice
Judges position: Judge and Chief Justice
Paedophile protectors court location: Douglas County, USA
Type of protection : Granting release

It really is the same old, same old.  But if there's not enough articles about family court judges protecting abusers and punishing protective parents, here's another one for you.

Judge Sally Porkorny and Chief Justice Fairchild in Douglas County are two of the most pathetic excuses for Judges.

However it sounds as if it doesn’t matter what county you find yourself, the Judges are throwing the rules of law out to suit whatever need they wish. These two Judges support a case manager who removes children from a good safe home and places the child with a drunk abusive, porn watching father.

Porkorny refuses to allow a hearing to allow me to present evidence, refuses to find the case manager and father in contempt and Judge Fairchild sat on the bench and said “I know Cheryl Powers, and she would never do anything like what you are saying.”

I believe that is called prejudice. If you are in case management kiss your rights goodbye and God help your children.

I am awaiting a hearing date in the Ks Appellate, but guess what, they won’t even set the date. Does anyone really care about children in the state of Kansas.

The systems that are there to protect are a joke! I am so pleased to find this sight! Anyone else have any experience with biased case managers and the Judges that love them?? My daughter has had to live without her mommy for over a year because of the bs going on in DG Co. It’s got to stop. I believe we need to really get the word out on the Judges as they come up for retention in Dg Co, and most people don’t know anything about the crap they are pulling.

Source : https://pcjustice.wordpress.com/the-wall-of-shame/

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