Type of protection : Granting release

These Kansas Judges need to pull their heads out of their ‘god-syndrome’ asses. WTF—

During a hearing yesterday in a Sedgwick County Courtroom, mother Tammy Youngquist sought to have contact with her two very young daughters.  She hasn’t seen them in months.  As most mothers who have been run into the ground financially by the abusive ex, she motioned the court pro se….without a lawyer.  Judge J. Patrick Walters refused to entertain anything in the motion she put forward, and when Tammy was quoting something in Kansas Constitution about rights of women, Assmunch Walters asked “Women have rights?“  Then he left the court room.

So the ex (they weren’t even married) continues to keep total control of the little girls and won’t let them see their own mother.  Won’t even let her see a picture of them while they were in court.  Tammy’s older son was “allowed” by BOS (bag of smegma) Shawn Jones, who was alleged to have sexually abused one of the young daughters, to see his sisters’ pictures, and the boy cried.  Control freaks like BOS Shawn Jones are known to try and control access to anything to do with his property (as he thinks of them as), as they make excellent pawns in the sick game of “keep away.”  He’s so lucky to have Chauvenist Pig Judge Walters right there by his side to let him continue the game.  God help these little girls.

There are no plans for their mother to ever see them again.  But they are promising to try and put her in jail next month for child support.  Bravo BOS Shawn, you would make our Asshole of the Month Club if we had one.  You are an embarrassment to me as a veteran of the military…you wear an Officers uniform, you take two little girls from their mother, one who was born in the hospital when you were out messing with another woman.  You and the “replacement mom” (wife #4?) make buckets of money next to what Tammy makes as a part time waitress.  Shame on you.  Your daughters (and this I know personally) will end up damning you for keeping them from their mother and siblings.

Source : https://nikitasjustice.wordpress.com/2010/08/28/pa-hrefhttprightsformotherscom20100825kansasmalechauvinistpigjudgejpatrickwaltersofwichita-target_blankrightsformothersappa-hrefhttprightsformotherscom20100825kansasmalechauvinistpigjudgejpatrickwalte/

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