Celebrated lawyer adds himself to client’s will

Image result for Dino De MarchiA renowned lawyer has been caught inserting himself into a client’s will, standing to get a fifth of her estate, but has not been suspended from practicing.

According to a Herald Sun report, Dino De Marchi, a Vietnam War veteran who was feted by former Governor-general Dame Quentin Bryce at Government House in 2010, has pleaded guilty of including his name as a “significant beneficiary” of the will of client Lidia Toffolon. The client is said to have visited De Marchi’s law office in 2013 to have a new will prepared, and later instructed the lawyer to include himself as beneficiary.

Even after a solicitor employed by De Marchi told him the act would be a breach of rules, the lawyer did not cease to act for the client. Instead, he ordered his law firm and its address to be deleted from the cover page of the will.

De Marchi is said to have then taken the client to another lawyer, Carl Soccio ...

Judges Wall of Shame

Database of Judges who intentionally interfered with Motherhood, who caused Protective Mothers to lose custody of their kids and who did not prevent abuse:

Judge Eddie Vines, AL
Judge Jeffrey Kelley, AL
Judge Charles Short, AL

Judge Sharon L Gleason, AK
Judge Mark Rinder, AK
Judge Andrew Guini, AK
Judge Pamela Washington, AK

It is time to impeach Judge Martin Nolan, and to remove him from the bench

Judges name: Martin Nolan
Judges title: Judge
Judges position: Judge in Ireland
Paedophile protected: A very long list of paedophiles and rapists
Paedophile protectors court location: Ireland

It is time to impeach Judge Martin Nolan, and to remove him from the bench

On the 20th of October, 2016, a 59 year old man called John Smith invited a 15 year old girl, who he did not know, into his van on the pretext of asking her for directions. Once she was in his van, he took out his penis and began masturbating in front of her. Later that day, he did the same thing again. Mr. Smith has four children of his own. He was in court this morning to be sentenced, before Judge Martin Nolan. The Journal.ie has the details, with emphasis added:

The handiwork of Chief Federal Magistrate John Pascoe – witness bribing, price fixing, succumbing to blackmail to conceal a crime and lying to shareholders etc. Is there anything this man cannot do?

John Pascoe was appointed Chief Federal Magistrate of the Federal Magistrates Court of Australia on the 14th July 2004 by his good mate the former Australian Prime Minister John Howard.

John Pascoe’s shady conduct has been written about before to some degree in the press but to the best of my knowledge not to the detail that I am about to get into.

Lawyer jailed for theft of $620,000

A TRUSTED Geelong solicitor who stole more than $620,000 from clients over a decade has been sentenced to a maximum of five years' jail.

Kenneth Edward Hampson, 60, began removing money from his clients' trust accounts for his own use in May 1992 following the downfall of the Pyramid Building Society.

Australian Privacy Law and Practice (ALRC Report 108)

Model Unified Privacy Principles (UPPs) - UPP 3. Notification

3. At or before the time (or, if that is not practicable, as soon as practicable after) an agency or organisation collects personal information about an individual from the individual or from someone other than the individual, it must take such steps, if any, as are reasonable in the circumstances to notify the individual, or otherwise ensure that the individual is aware of, the:

(a) fact and circumstances of collection, where the individual may not be aware that his or her personal information has been collected;

(b) identity and contact details of the agency or organisation;

(c) rights of access to, and correction of, personal information provided by these principles;

Egregious departure from role of judge': federal judge blasted for unfairness

A Federal Circuit Court judge at the centre of a series of damning appeal judgments has been blasted by the Federal Court for his "intimidating, aggressive and overbearing" behaviour towards a man he unfairly ejected from his courtroom, raising fresh questions about his fitness to remain on the bench.

Brisbane-based Judge Salvatore Vasta, who has developed a reputation for clashing with litigants, courted controversy this year after he jailed a father of two for a maximum of 12 months for contempt of court in family law proceedings.

Federal Circuit Court Judge Salvatore Vasta has been at the centre of a number of critical appeal judgments.

Federal Circuit Court Judge Salvatore Vasta has been at the centre of a number of critical appeal judgments.

He told the man in that case, whose former wife was strenuously opposed to him going to jail, to "bring your toothbrush" after he allegedly failed to hand over all his financial records.

In a scathing judgment in February, the Full Court of the Family Court said Judge Vasta's conduct in the case gave rise to a "gross miscarriage of justice".

Law students demand end to workplace bullying and harassment

The “systemic culture” of workplace bullying and harassment needs to be “urgently addressed”, argues the Australian Law Students’ Association.

Speaking last week, ALSA president Erin Ritchie (pictured) demanded that the Australian legal profession take immediate action to end such workplace misconduct, declaring there “needs to be an impetus for change” among the broader profession.

The responsibility for fixing the problem, Ms Ritchie posited, “ultimately rests with the profession”.

Bruce Bell mysteriously dies in Perth court yesterday

In 2012, Australian Deputy Prime Minister Truss asked High Court Chief Justice French to file a case against corrupt judges, some of them in the High Court.  Three High Court judges have denied the public access to justice at the highest level, defying a Constitutional right. For at least 15 years the legal and judicial fraternity has covered up injustices and corruption in the secretive Family Court. Only the High Court has power to review the Family Court.

ACT to remove sex crime immunity that originated in Ancient Rome

A common law immunity against historical child sexual abuse charges is set to be revoked in Canberra, as part of a suite of greater child protection laws.

Until 1985, there was a common law presumption in the ACT that a male under 14 years was "incapable of sexual intercourse".

The clause is part of a wider bill enacting recommendations from the royal commission into institutional child sex abuse. The clause is part of a wider bill enacting recommendations from the royal commission into institutional child sex abuse.

The Untouchables: America's misbehaving prosecutors, and the system that protects them

"Sorry? For what?" says Thompson. The 49-year-old is lean, almost skinny. He wears jeans, a T-shirt and running shoes and sports a thin mustache and soul patch, both stippled with gray. "You tell me that. Tell me what the hell would they be sorry for. They tried to kill me. To apologize would mean they're admitting the system is broken." His voice has been gradually increasing in volume. He's nearly yelling now. "That everyone around them is broken. It's the same motherfucking system that's protecting them."

$2.2m in Mafia bribes to NSW judges alleged in top-secret police reports


Australian Mafia: the more it changes, the more it stays the same

An Australian Mafia boss allegedly paid $2.2 million in bribes to NSW judges to get lighter jail sentences, top-secret police intelligence reports reveal.

The reports also reveal how the price of some food – including certain types of seafood in Sydney – may be more expensive due to Mafia control of the supply chain across Australia.

A joint Fairfax Media and ABC Four Corners investigation has obtained a series of confidential Australian police reports written and circulated to state agencies between 2003 and 2014.


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  • Legislation and Acts

    We intend on using almost one dozen different legislation / acts. Below are a few that we feel would have the most impact for class action causes and or entry to Australian Crime Commission help.  What we need to be able to utilise the legislations is more than one person claiming the same type of offence, and by different departments and different areas.  This can show mass conspiracies so to speak which would then be covered by the National Crime Act.

    We also plan to use Crimes (Hostages) Act 1900 as this act allows for persons being held hostage (ie our children) until we agree to submit to persons to what they ask.  This is keeping a hostage, and by DOCs taking your children and not returning them until you have signed undertakings is not only hostage taking but blackmail. 

    There is no such thing as CONsent Orders.  You cannot possibly say anybody voluntarily signs these orders when the department has their children and will not return them until the orders are signed.  These are not Consent Orders.  This is Blackmail.

    When crimes total to over 3 years imprisonment which we can make an easy jump to, they are then also available to go to the National Crimes Act.

    We also plan on using the Director General as DOCs legislation and code of conduct and ethics documentation available also shows that any crime committed against these acts MUST be reported to the director general.  And as such the director general also has an obligation to report fraud and misconduct to the Attorney General and the Australian Crimes Commission.

    We will use the evidence we have to submit to lower level figures about their staff and they are then obligated to submit the complaint (by legislation) to the director general.  If they do not do this, they are then setting themselves up for charges also.  We will know if this is done because not only will we be submitting this information / complaints this way, but we will also be submitting directly to the director general also, who ALSO is under obligation to send to the Australian Crime Commsision and the Independant Commission Against Corruption.

    So, you say ... What do you need to do now ??

    You need to gather all your documents and evidence and start splitting hairs and complaints down to division / person and complaint type using the register we are currently creating.  You also need to contact me for other complaint types that we are not aware of so that we can include this also.

    This may take some time but time is all we have and the more the better.

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