"DoCS solicitor John Meehan blames mother over sexual assault of daughter, instead of predator-father"

john meehanpig3 dbdb3A nine-year old girl, who was sexually assaulted multiple times by her father, has been given a longer jail sentence than the perpetrator himself. 

Thanks to John Meehan, low-life client-menacing solicitor from Campbelltown, who does the dirty work for child protection in the area, the girl has been taken from her mother and placed into the overflowing foster-care system.  John Meehan has continually blamed the mother for having her children taken by child protection, because as he states "she failed to protect the child".

Truth be known, the mother had multiple AVOs out against the father (her ex-husband), and wanted no contact between him and his daughter unless it was supervised.  DoCS refused the mothers plea for help, instead forcing her to ensure that the girl had regular contact with her father - without supervision.  Failure to abide by this order from child protection would result in the department removing the children.   The mother was left no choice.

When the girl approached her step-father, and informed him of what events had taken place, they rang the police.  Shortly thereafter, the police arrived, as did the Department of Human Services (if that's what you can really call them) to remove the children.  Their reasons ... "the mother did not protect her children".

How these animals get away with such attrocious actions on a regular basis is beneath me.  Does John Meehan have children himself?  Does he have grandchildren?  Would he blame his own daughter, if she was forced to send her child to a suspected paedophile, and his granddaughter was repeatedly sexually assaulted?

"Is John Meehan accusing Alecomm of being a terrorist organisation ?"

Seriously!  This old tyrant looks like he belongs in a bike club not on representing innocent children.  John's latest stunt is to accuse mothers in children's court of writing articles for Alecomm, or at minimum, being associated with us.

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 Last time we checked, Alecomm is not listed on the Terrorist register, or the Criminal Gangs.  Maybe this guys is getting a little feeble in his old age and mistaking his own actions for others.

After all, the definition of domestic trafficking by the Australian Federal Police fits well into this mans job description.  He receives payment for removing children, or at least conspiring to remove them.  (aka accomplice).  He moves children to other parties who are not the lawful carer of those children and works to have them placed with other people who financially profit from having these children.

"Calls for resignation of DHS legal representative, as debate fires up over Meehans' multiple conflicts of intererest"

scum-newspaper 40162The public is now calling for the immediate resignation of John Paul Meehan, whom has continued to threaten and harass a mother, and accuse her of being associated with Alecomm (an organisation well-known for it's long-term charitable and benevolent assistance in helping parents and children who are being separated by spurious child protection workers and their "accomplices").  Many parents and parents turn to Alecomm for assistance after they are repeatedly screwed by the system in every sense, from the child protection workers who are allowed to repeatedly create a multitude of fictitious reasons for the removal of a child, to the down-right-cruel legal persons who purport to assist the innocent children and parents in a system so stacked against them, that its virtually impossible to believe until you have experienced it first-hand.

"Dennis Chapman attacks CAP members supporting parents in Children's Court"

Tas Ombudsman Report Excerpts a1de6Whatever you do when entering the Children's Courts - if you are applying for Legal Aid - make sure you specify that under no circumstances will you accept this poor excuse for a solicitor to represent you.  You might as well go into court yourself. 

CAP Support Group (Children and Parents) turned up as support for a mother who had her baby removed.

CAP has never been affiliated with ALECOMM, and to be honest, the groups work entirely different arena's - the only commonality between the organisations', is the fact that they both deal with the corruption instilled deep within Child Protection.

Officers at the Australian Legislative Ethics Commission generally deal with the administrative side of the operations of child protection (amongst other departments), and CAP is a support group that provides personal and group support for parents dealing with child protection.  Whilst ALECOMM does provide a great deal of support to our clients, this is not our only activity.

"Lawyers of the Week"

Name Of Lawyer : David Menser
Law Firm Your Lawyer Works For : FACS
Suburb Of Lawyer : Wyong
State of Lawyer : NSW
Rating Of Lawyer : not one low enough
Reason For Rating Of Lawyer : He accepted false reports from FAC case workers and did not investigate these, threatened mother and sent this threat via email to mothers solicitor.  He called the grandmother a laughing joke to solicitor, which was then told to grandmother.  He called grandmother a whistle blower, threatened jail if the family attended rallies or was on facebook support group for victims of FACS,  he lied to support the fabricated affidavits of FACS workers, and smirked at parents and external family members when walking past.

Name Of Lawyer : Paul Grant
Law Firm Your Lawyer Works For : ICL / Legal Aid
Suburb Of Lawyer : Wyong
State of Lawyer : NSW
Rating Of Lawyer : 0
Reason For Rating Of Lawyer : made no attempt to speak in court , did not read replies to affidavits, received an extra $12,000 in grants off legal and still did nothing.  Lied to grandmother and said in court that he would be satisfied that the child be returned to grandmothers care if she got mental health clearance and character refs.  When she got this clearance and fifteen character refs, he then lied and said no sorry and agreed with FACS.  He did not take into consideration that the child had aboriginal heritage and child was placed with non-indigenous family.  He did not question why kinship care was not investigated or assessed, and did not question why there were no investigations into false malicious reports that had been made.

Dennis Chapman. Solicitor at Gosford on the Central Coast in NSW, you must be so proud of yourself

This legal flop came to the attention of Alecomm a month or two ago after he pulled the pin on the representation of his client --- the morning of that clients day in Supreme Court.  How totally dispicable.  He did this saying he was under orders by his barrister, but last time i checked, you, Dennis Chapman, take orders from your client.  So what happened?  Didn't you have the cohuna's to actually deal with the case once the poor victim mother finally got past the pathetic childrens courts and into the supreme?


Are you so used to sitting on your fat arse and getting paid your legal aid dosh for doing nothing that you can't actually remember how to defend an innocent woman and child anymore???  Shame on you.

Not only that, this Dennis Chapman is absolutely refusing to hand over all the paperwork relating to the matter to the mother, and her next Supreme Court case is next week.  He is sayng that he has every right to hold onto the information for seven years.  What the fuck do you want that information for Dennis, apart from to screw your ex-client just that little bit more by fucking her next court case???

Alecomm's recommendations about this solicitor is stay as far away from his as possible.  Even after he lets you down he will still try and interfere and ruin your life that little bit more.  And for those of you who aren't sure of the in's and outs of this case, its another Department of Child Trafficking Services, I mean Community Services, punishing a child who's mother was beaten by his father.  In lamens terms instead of DOCs and the police getting of their lazy arses and doing something about the perpetrator of the crimes, DOCs just re-victimise the woman and take her kids instead.

We do live in a charming world, don't we???

* Alecomm will take this notice down upon the mother receiving the documents this week.  Should the documents arrive thereafter, this article will be a permanent fixture on alecomms walls of shame.  Your choice Dennis and the solution is simple - hand over the file!

Who Says Man Can't Do TWO Things At Once! - Dennis Chapman Can!

Talk about Talented - this man successfully represented both the Department of Community Services and their Client Victim today in Woy Woy Children's Court.  Apparently both had rang to ask for his representation in court for the said case, and he accepted.

Not only that, the magistrate didn't seem to have any issues with this given that DOCs wanted an adjournment - as stated by Dennis Chapman, and the Victim Client Mother whom had just had her baby stolen by these government approved child traffickers, did not.

How is this possible with no questions by the magistrate about the behaviour of this solicitor.  Given he is going to be paid by the state twice, one for each representation, and that you cannot legally represent both parties, he even had the audacity to complain, yet again, about Alecomm.

Well good on you Dennis, and good on you for giving back those files you held after dropping your last victim client on the morning of her proceedings in supreme court and stuffing her up completely.


Dennis Chapman -The Dog that needs to learn to SIT

Dennis Chapman, solicitor at Gosford, is at it again, harassing his former clients.  This solicitor is well known for providing piss poor legal service and even stooping as low as leaving his clients without representation once they are finally able to get their matter heard in supreme court.  This time he has harassed clients whilst they were walking down their own street.  This man needs to be banned from an legal practise at all. 

Family Law Web Guide on the net, also has a few articles on corrupt solicitors such as Dennis Chapman, and alecomm is currently investigating to just what extent this solicitor stoops.

Mr Chapman, once again, shame on you.  It was only a few weeks ago that he represented both a mother and the department of community services at Woy Woy local court, obviously not acting in the best interest of the mother, and when we comlained about it, he walked into the Woy Woy Courts, yet again and the judge issued him a gag order to prevent the mother talking any further about the matter - to anybody including her own family.