Mother dies of stress and lies from family court

​We are sick and tired of the family courts making statements without evidence, or proof.  Sadly most people by now have forgotten about Hayley Gascgoine, the young mother who died five minutes before the judge gave the verdict. Many professionals said her death was not caused by stress, it was other factors, or something else, - or even down to using drugs because she went to the toilet, previous to her collapse.
The toxicology report proved that she was clear.  Our professionals cannot be trusted, not in any aspect, not one word.  No one who has not witnessed, or been a part of the family court process has a clue about just how abusive these environments are.  Or how many false and factitious statements are made in any one case.  If only 100 cases were looked into, I will guarantee that in every one of those case, irregularities will be found, some to a greater, some to a lesser degree.
It could well be similar with Samantha Baldwin.  Where is their proof, where is the evidence?  Answer it is all kept behind closed doors in a secret environment, one which is known to be unjust, unfair and dishonest.  An environment where only one judge presides and dozens of professionals collude together. The environment is as unjust and unprincipled as it could possibly get, more so it terrifies those who would never be seen in any court in this country, for any wrongdoing.   The system encourages people to break the law, because of its barbarity.

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