This is why DOCs pays Annette Gallard over $350,000 per year ...

Another lame ass letter from another lame ass DOCs worker who just couldn't give a fuck about Emily Brown.  Don't worry Annette, we've got Miss Emmy talking on video telling us all the stuff you and your piss poor boss couldn't answer.  Shame on you.  My chooks have more empathy than you and your department.  Royal Commission definitely needed into why these government CEO's get paid so much money and all they do is NOT ANSWER to the public or sort out issues, but try and intimidate other persons who do give a crap about our human rights, into submission.

Hence, our reply back to you Miss Burney, would be : --->


+2 #5 Guest 2010-09-17 07:25
ANNETTE GALLARD as Chief Executive Officer needs to get off her FAT PROVERBIAL ARSE and start dealing with 46.Division 3 of the Public Sector Employement and Management ACT NSW re: Current version for 6th of September 2010.

Dealing with allegations of MISCONDUCT

Dealing with unsatisfactory performance.

Part 2.7 Management of conduct and performance.

Re: 51 .If a Senior Exucutive Officer is dismissed from the Public Service under this part >
+5 #4 Guest 2010-09-11 17:29
By the way ! we all have the same LAME ARSE standard letter from Annette Gallard.

Re: Gastapo Headquarters
+6 #3 Guest 2010-09-10 06:44
At the PROTEST on September 24th Parliament House we will be calling for resignation of Annette Gallard.

Even if Labour loses the Stste election ..Gallard will remain in her position , covering up the copious amounts of Dpt corruption, abusive powers, false risk of harm reports and child abductions.
+7 #2 Guest 2010-08-02 16:05
What Emily Brown has been subjected to by DoCS re: Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse , Emotional Abuse , Mental Torture , Incarcaration , Held For No Reason , Stolen , Abducted , will one day soon be exposed to the general public.
+9 #1 Guest 2010-07-21 05:35
:-x Emily Brown is now missing. Allevia (Pedophiles Playground) are fully aware that Emily Brown poses a major threat to their organisation and can expose terrible amounts of abuse. She is now missing and we have grave fears for her safety.

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