How are your children's rights implemented?

Let's give you an example.  On August 25th 2009 at an emergency meeting held at DoCS Sutherland due to an assault/mental/emotional abuse of a little boy by his carer, it was requested the sibling group be given their Charter of Rights Booklets ASAP as all children in OOHC must be given this BOOKLET.

In attendance at this meeting was the case-manager & case-worker for DoCs Sutherland along with the Director of Youth and Children for Catholiccare and the Catholiccare case-worker who we might add had never heard of the Childrens Charter of Rights Booklet or the Childrens Charter of Rights.

The sibling group did not receive their Charter of Rights Booklets until March of this year being 2010 and seven months after it was requested they be given it.

There is no doubt that DoCs and Catholiccare took no notice of the request for our children to recieve their booklets, the only reason why they were given their BOOKLETS was after another meeting with the DoCs Director of Family and Children, David Elliot, in February this year after requesting it be given to them once again !

Earlier in February this year before the meeting with David Elliot at a contact visit with our oldest sibling in the group, he was shown the Childrens Charter of Rights Booklet, in which he was over the moon (Estatic) with, and could not believe he had these RIGHTS as no one had informed him of the BOOKLET OR his RIGHTS. His next words  were "YES ! I HAVE RIGHTS !", and wanted reassurance that HE HAD RIGHTS, it was quite an emotional and exciting moment for him which brought tears to my eyes.

WAIT FOR IT ....... The interested party was accused of causing him great anxiety due to showing him his CHARTER of RIGHTS BOOKLET and all contact visits ceased, because he continued to tell his carers and his caseworker and case manager that he had RIGHTS.

The CHILDRENS CHARTER of RIGHTS BOOKLET is hidden from children in OOHC, therefore leaving them with NO RIGHTS AT ALL.

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