The Children's Charter of Rights

  • "You have the right to have contact with your family and community." - Doesn't say how often and doesn't say how or which community became the child's at which point or after how long.

  • "You have the right to be told why you are in care and keep a record of your time in care." - Doesn't say you have the right to be told this by anyone outside the department or if the whole story gets told. And they can keep their own record?

  • "You have the right to ask for any information that is being kept about you, to read your file and add information to your file."  - You've seen these files.. they're rampant with black markers. Doesn't say "all info".  Doesn't say they'll keep was what added.

How are your children's rights implemented?

Let's give you an example.  On August 25th 2009 at an emergency meeting held at DoCS Sutherland due to an assault/mental/emotional abuse of a little boy by his carer, it was requested the sibling group be given their Charter of Rights Booklets ASAP as all children in OOHC must be given this BOOKLET.

In attendance at this meeting was the case-manager & case-worker for DoCs Sutherland along with the Director of Youth and Children for Catholiccare and the Catholiccare case-worker who we might add had never heard of the Childrens Charter of Rights Booklet or the Childrens Charter of Rights.