God is giving the parents and people victory! Judges,attorneys, doctors, CPS all in trouble!!!

Shareable Graphics for Human Trafficking Awareness — InterpretationThanks for being a loyal email subscriber. We are so elated to be able to fill you in on all the powerful blessings that God has bestowed upon our movement and nation. I’m sure you have witnessed the massive amounts of arrest and or discipline,  which we told you were coming, that have taken place in the last couple of weeks. What may shock you is the number of arrest involving doctors, lawyers, CPS workers, government workers and other people in positions of trust.

Why is this Important???

Think about this, our very own government came out and told that 88 percent of the children found in the hands of traffickers came directly from CPS and foster care.

When we break this down we have to look at what’s necessary to legitimize the child theft system that is used to feed these criminals who trafficking children on the back end. The first thing necessary is CPS workers who don’t mind doing a little bit of criminal activity in the first place. Oh and did I mention that we have found out that many hired CPS workers have had previous run in’s with the law and have been arrested before? Furthermore, the attorneys involved with CPS and Police are not teaching them the law, this way they will take children not knowing that they are trampling parents and children’s rights.

We will happily tell you that the business model they are using could not last forever, and we, by the wisdom of God have started to each people the necessary step to prevent them from making these same excuses about not knowing the law. We have served them notice by affidavit around the country which causes them to have liability for all actions and the duty to study deeper into the law which is why the government have hired trolls to try to stop parents online from learning this truth and to discredit anyone showing it. That didn’t work very well and has been exposed even by the World Health organization showing that they were using troll tactics that failed and explaining they couldn’t afford to do this anymore.


So we must realize that the next step in them taking children is doctors and other “so called” professionals who will be used over and over by contract to make it seem like parents have done wrong! Remember the woman who was caught faking labs in paternity and custody cases? Yep, these people know that they must give the system what it wants to keep contracts and it’s definitely not fairness to you!

The police officers don’t realize that these are administrative courts that don’t make judicial determinations so they take kids and say they are just doing their job. Not if they have notice of what they are doing as being wrong though, that kills all the presumption that they are working in good faith! THIS IS HOW YOU CHANGE THE NATION AND GET HUGE AMOUNTS OF REMEDY! We have to love each other enough to teach each other!

Below in the attachments I have a good number of pictures to show you some of the activity that has been happening lately! Feel good about all success and blessings that have been coming after all of the people have been standing up to these private actors who are stealing children.  

Please give us feedback on what you think about all of this success that is coming to the people. Do you all remember the doubters and trolls who told us we would never see the things that we have been witnessing?


1. We have a veteran in the movement who got his kid back after turning in a version of the affidavit David Jose created on a Tuesday, he was instructed to come get his kid on that Wednesday.

2. We also had a woman in the hospital use David Jose type affidavit to block children from being taken by CPS even though she had open CPS cases for older children.

3. We are waiting til early March as one judge was sick to give news that two kids are returned to their parents. Judge saw affidavit and sided with parents.

God is good, lease be encouraged!

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