The death of a child by arrogance and ignorance ....

There are no statistics that will ever help you understand what it feels like to be a child abused by the child protection system. No one really watches out for these children they are all lost within a world ruled by narcissist, pedophiles and do-gooders. 
A child removed from a home of poverty [aka neglect], is thrown into a broken system where true abuse becomes a life they can not escape.  Even when the child is allowed visits from parents and family who can witness the physical marks of abuse - it is still ignored by arrogant workers who believe the parents are incompetent and their reports are retaliation. So sad when a mear accusation can cause child removal but isn't enough to protect a child from abuse within the system.
By far the worst betrayal comes when a child finds the courage to report the abuse themselves and they are quickly dismissed (caseworkers often believe the reports from the foster carer above that of a child). Years of sexual abuse, physical abuse, starvation and child labor is the consequences of this inept mentality birthed from the very system created to protect them.

Very seldom does an abuse foster child receive validation and relief from their suffering. Usually death is the only way people finally see the torment these children suffered. Hmmm.... but you'd be amazed at what you can live through. So many of these children age out bitter, broken and alone. 
Some (so very few) find help, a lawyer to sue the agencies for the years of hell but this will never bring back the childhood that they should have been allowed to live. Most wander through life never given the opportunity to be treated with love, with compassion, with a healthy upbringing. So they go on to become our homeless, our prison inmates, our prostitute and our drug problem society. 
This isn't life. They were never rescued. The child inside of them they never got to be is DEAD all thanks to the help of a blind, arrogant, do-gooders mentality.
Doesn't a foster child's voice matter? Doesn't my voice matter? We can do better but we need to listen to those who have lived in the broken abusive system. 
Sincerely ,
The Voice of a Former Foster Child
Source : https://www.facebook.com/groups/bringbackourkids/permalink/866195566761374/

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