Why is fostercare so dangerous and are kids more likely to die there?

The short answer is YES without a doubt, but just to give you the facts, please keep reading  

There were 73 million children in america in 2017.

In 2017, non-parents were responsible for 15.2 percent of child fatalities.


In 2017, 690,000 children were in fostercare. Foster Care - Children's Rights

A total of 1720 children died of neglect or abuse in 2017.

258 children were in fostercarer when they died. https://www.childwelfare.gov/pubPDFs/fatality.pdf

Therefore 1,462 children who died in 2017 were NOT IN fostercare when they died.

This means that one child per 2,674 died in fostercare in 2017, and 

72,310,000 children were not in fostercare in 2017 when they died. 

And this means that one child per 49,459 who died were not in fostercare in 2017.

Therefore children are over twenty times more likely to die in fostercare, than with their family.

This is exactly why fostercare should only EVER be a very last and final resort.

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