A major German political party used to support paedophilia—and it’s coming back to haunt them

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It’s not every day that a major European political party has to apologize for having supported pedophilia, but two weeks ago, the German Green Party had to do just that. For the past year and a half, investigators commissioned by the party have been probing its past associations with pro-pedophilia groups, and their report has been shocking to many Germans. It found that the German “pedosexual movement,” which advocated the legalization of “consensual” sex between adults and children, found a surprisingly warm reception in the party in the 1980s.  

Study identifies 16 child sex abuse rings in Victorian Catholic Church

Tony Abbott admits he phoned 'friend' George Pell on the same day ...EDITOR'S NOTE: The High Court overturned Cardinal George Pell's conviction for historic child sex offences in a judgment handed down April 7, 2020. In a unanimous decision all seven High Court judges found Victoria's Court of Appeal should not have upheld Pell's conviction. It found the evidence could not support a guilty verdict.

A three-year research project into paedophile Catholic clerics in Victoria has identified 16 child sex abuse networks operating over six decades involving 99 priests and Christian Brothers.

The investigation found that clergy paedophile rings shared patterns of behaviour with criminal gangs, the Mafia, terrorist cells, corrupt police, drug dealers, money launderers and price-fixing cartels.

The research showed their abuse was facilitated and reinforced by church hierarchy, including five successive archbishops of Melbourne from Daniel Mannix, appointed in 1917, through to George Pell (himself appealing against a conviction for child sex abuse) in 2001.

The researcher, Sally Muytjens, spent more than three years investigating "dark networks" of paedophile clergy in Victorian dioceses. She published the research late last year, receiving a doctorate from Queensland University of Technology.

Judge rules ‘significant possibility’ Cardinal George Pell didn’t commit child sex offences

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By a majority of two to one, Victoria’s Supreme Court dismissed Pell’s appeal ordering him to “return to prison”.

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As Cardinal George Pell sat in court surrounded by his supporters, there was at least one man in the room on their side.

Justice Mark Weinberg was the only one to rule in the disgraced Catholic leader’s favour, finding the complainant’s account of his sexual abuse was “entirely implausible and quite unconvincing” and may have even been concocted.

Pell lost his bid for freedom from a six-year jail sentence when his appeal against child sex convictions was dismissed in court this morning.

By a majority of two to one, Victoria’s Supreme Court dismissed the appeal ordering Pell to “return to prison”.

In reading out the court’s conclusions for rejecting the appeal, Chief Justice Anne Ferguson outlined Justice Weinberg’s reasoning.

While she said she and Justice Chris Maxwell accepted the prosecution’s submission the complainant was a compelling witness and clearly not a liar, Judge Weinberg did not agree.

“In his dissenting judgment, the judge found that at times, the complainant was inclined to embellish aspects of his account,” she told the court this morning.

“He concluded that his evidence contained discrepancies, displayed inadequacies so as to cause him to have a doubt as to the applicant’s guilt.

“He could not exclude as a reasonable possibility that some of what the complainant said was concocted, particularly in relation to the second incident.”

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undefinedJustice Mark Weinberg was in favour of George Pell’s appeal. Picture: Supreme Court of Victoria Source: AAPundefinedChief Justice Anne Ferguson read out the judges’ decision this morning. Picture: Supreme Court of Victoria Source: AAP

Pell was found guilty of raping one choirboy and molesting another in Melbourne’s St Patrick’s Cathedral 22 years ago.

Pell’s victims were two 13-year-old boys on scholarships to the prestigious St Kevin’s College.

The original court was told how the pair “nicked off” after a Sunday solemn mass in December 1996 and were caught swigging sacramental wine in the sacristy — a room at the rear of the cathedral used by priests to dress — by Pell, who was the newly installed Archbishop of Melbourne.

Pell scolded them and then proceeded to expose his penis from beneath his ceremonial robes before molesting them.

One of the victims, now in his 30s, brought the allegations to police after years of having struggled to understand what he’d experienced.

A month or so after Pell raped him, he was sexually assaulted by Pell again when he pushed him against a cathedral wall and fondled his genitalia.

undefinedJustice Chris Maxwell shared Justice Ferguson’s view. Picture: Supreme Court of Victoria Source: AAPundefinedPell arriving at court this morning. Picture: Erik Anderson/AAP Source: AAP

This morning Justice Ferguson said Justice Weinberg found the complainant’s account of the second incident was entirely implausible and quite unconvincing.

“Nevertheless, Justice Weinberg stated that in relation to the first incident, if the complainant’s evidence was the only evidence, he might well have found it difficult to say that the jury, acting reasonably, were bound to have a reasonable doubt about the Cardinal’s guilt,” she said.

“He went on to note, however, that there was more than just the complainant’s evidence.

“In Justice Weinberg’s view, there was significant and in some places impressive evidence

suggesting that the complainant’s account was, in a realistic sense, impossible to accept.”

She said the judge believed there was a “significant possibility” Pell may not have committed the offences.

“Justice Weinberg stated that in his view, the convictions could not stand,” she said.

“Nevertheless, the appeal on the unreasonableness ground has been dismissed because two of us took a different view of the facts.”

Source : https://amp.news.com.au/national/victoria/courts-law/judge-rules-significant-possibility-cardinal-george-pell-didnt-commit-child-sex-offences/news-story/063bbf4bdb10b367241144f665408147

Top QC Robert Richter loses big in gold mine linked to underworld figures

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Robert Richter is Melbourne's top criminal barrister, a Queen's Counsel, former president of the Victorian Council of Civil Liberties and successful defender of many colourful identities accused of egregious crimes, but a business venture with one of those identities looks to have cost the QC $250,000.

It was Mr Richter who convinced a jury that Mick Gatto's 2004 shooting of underworld hitman Andrew Veniamin in a Carlton restaurant was self-defence, not murder. Back in 1996 he also successfully defended Matt Tomas, an associate and business partner of Gatto, against a murder charge.

Now an attempt by Mr Tomas and Mr Richter to strike it rich in a gold mine venture appears to have left the top silk, and others, sorely out of pocket.

Mr Richter's interest in the Omeo mine began in spring 2011 when Mr Tomas asked him to lend money. At the time, unbeknown to Mr Richter, Mr Tomas was under investigation by the Australian Crime Commission for suspected involvement in money laundering. He was never charged.

Robert Richter, QC.


George Pell trial suppression orders breached by news organisations, Victorian prosecutor alleges

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Newspaper headlines including "Censored", "It's the nation's biggest story" and "Why media can't report on a high-profile case".Headlines published on the front pages of the Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun and The Age on December 13, 2018.

Dozens of Australian news organisations and journalists face possible "orders for imprisonment" or fines for alleged contempt of court over their coverage of Cardinal George Pell's conviction for child sexual abuse.

Thirty-six news agencies and individuals have been called to a Supreme Court hearing on April 15 to answer accusations they breached a suppression order when publishing material about the trial last year.

Australian media to face court over coverage of cardinal George Pell's trial for child sex abuse

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George Pell held in solitary, praying and writing

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George Pell held in solitary, praying and writing

George Pell leaves the County Court of Victoria in Melbourne in February. Picture: Getty
George Pell leaves the County Court of Victoria in Melbourne in February. Picture: Getty 

George Pell appeal: defence claims abuse ‘could not have happened’

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  • George Pell appeal: defence claims abuse ‘could not have happened’
  • George Pell arrives in a prison van amid tight security at the Victorian Supreme Court. Picture: Stuart McEvoyGeorge Pell arrives in a prison van amid tight security at the Victorian Supreme Court. Picture: Stuart McEvoy

Key events

Jeff Kennett grilled during tense discussion about George Pell on Sunrise

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Embedded videoFormer Victorian premier Jeff Kennett endured a deeply uncomfortable 10 minutes on Channel 7’s Sunrise program this morning as hosts Samantha Armytage and Natalie Barr grilled him about George Pell.

The discussion centred on former prime minister John Howard’s decision to write a glowing character reference for Pell after he was found guilty of child sex offences.

“I am aware he has been convicted of those charges, that an appeal against the conviction has been lodged and that he maintains his innocence in respect of these charges. None of these matters alter my opinion of the Cardinal,” Mr Howard wrote.

He went on to describe Pell as “a person of both high intelligence and exemplary character”.

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Amanda Vanstone: The persecution of Pell is a disgrace

Former Liberal Minister Amanda Vanstone is right.

What we are seeing is vicious and shameful:

The media frenzy surrounding Cardinal George Pell is the lowest point in civil discourse in my lifetime. I'm 64.

What we are seeing is no better than a lynch mob from the dark ages. Some in the media think they are above the law both overseas and at home.

Inside the Pell trial: we sat in court for months, forbidden from reporting a word

For nearly three months a small group of journalists watched as the most powerful Catholic official to be charged with child sexual abuse faced justice in a Melbourne courtroom.

Until now we have been unable to publish a word of what we heard and saw.

Cardinal George Pell, a confidant to the pope and the financial manager of the Vatican, had been on trial for child sexual abuse – not once, but twice.

Cardinal Sin: How Australia's newspapers reacted to Pell's conviction