Putting Church above Children - The Vatican Fails to Comply with a UN Treaty

Jesuit Father Hans Zollner leads a briefing for journalists in Rome to prepare for the Feb. 21-24 Vatican meeting on the protection of minors in the church. (CNS photo/Paul Haring)

One way Pope Francis could move ahead with his aim of curbing clergy sex abuse in the worldwide Catholic Church would be to insist that the Holy See comply with the international human-rights treaty it signed to protect the rights of the child. Since nearly every country in the world (other than the United States) has signed the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, the 1989 treaty sets a clear international standard for Catholic bishops everywhere. 

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Sydney man arrested and charged with more than 200 child exploitation offences

Man charged over 'child exploitation material'A Sydney man has been charged with more than 200 child exploitation offences, including the transmission of child pornography material online.

The Australian Federal Police today confirmed the 79-year-old man was arrested by the NSW Joint Anti Child Exploitation Team (JACET) in Cranebrook, in the city’s west, during a search warrant yesterday.

8-year-old girl sexually abused by 73-year-old foster carer wrote heartbreaking note about repeated abuse

Desmond Gore, 73, abused the girl for two years at his Armadale home in Perth before it came to light he had sexually exploited at least six children, five of whom were under his care. 

                            8-year-old girl sexually abused by 73-year-old foster carer wrote heartbreaking note about repeated abuse
An eight-year-old girl wrote a disturbing note saying she was sad when she had "'sex with her granddad", referring to her foster carer who raped her repeatedly.

73-year-old Desmond Gore was slapped with 20 charges of sexual abuse—including the rape of three eight-year-old girls—after he pleaded guilty to the abuse at Perth District Court on Tuesday, Daily Mail reports.

Hundreds of children abused by 'Ulster paedophile ring'

An alleged victim says he was abused by three different men - the first targeting him from the age of 12.

A suspected paedophile ring has been operating in County FermanaghImage:A suspected paedophile ring has been operating in County Fermanagh
 An alleged victim of a suspected paedophile ring in Northern Ireland says he believes "hundreds" of other children were abused.

More than a dozen people have contacted a local newspaper in Enniskillen with allegations of historical abuse in County Fermanagh.

Foolish decision: Magistrate would not share bed with teenage boy if he had his life over again, court told

A NSW magistrate accused of indecently assaulting a teenage boy in the early 1980s denies he assaulted the boy, and would not share a bed with him if he had his life over again, a barrister has told a court.

Graeme Bryan Curran, 68, has pleaded not guilty to nine charges of assault with an act of indecency after he allegedly assaulted the boy during a boat trip, at a motel in Bega, and in a "ritual" at his Sydney home where he ran his hands over the boy's naked body after they slept in the same bed with no clothes on.

Graeme Curran arrives at Downing Centre District Court on Monday.

Graeme Curran arrives at Downing Centre District Court on Monday.

Photo: AAP

Mr Curran does not dispute that he sometimes slept in the same bed with the boy, including to save costs on holidays, but denies there was ever touching or that they slept in the nude.

In closing submissions to a NSW District Court jury on Monday, Mr Curran's barrister Phillip Boulten, SC, said sharing a bed with the teenager is "in retrospect perhaps the most foolish decision the Accused has ever made".

"If he had his life over again, you can bet he wouldn't be doing that again," Mr Boulten said.

Mr Boulten said he intended to outline to the jury twenty "worrying features in the evidence" of the alleged victim, including "a history of hypnotism" and the fact that his memories of one assault were "recovered memories" which did not appear in his first police statement.

The trial earlier heard from Dr Gregory Cook, a psychiatrist who treated the man in the early 1990s. Dr Cook denied he performed hypnotism on the man, and said he specifically warned him that if he was given a relaxation treatment it could be "medico-legally undermining" if his case ever went to trial.

Mr Boulten said the jury must ask themselves "serious questions" about the alleged victim's reliability, suggesting the man "made things up", had a "barrow to push" and made allegations that became more serious over time.

"[He] may well be lying. He may well be fudging the truth. He may well be exaggerating. He may honestly believe every single word he said," Mr Boulten said. "He may be wrong for any number of reasons."

Mr Boulten said his client was "exemplary" in his character and had given a strong and consistent denial in his evidence to the trial.

 "The accused is not guilty of the nine charges," Mr Boulten said. "He did not indecently assault [the boy]."

Crown prosecutor Mark Hobart, SC, said the court is "not a court of morals", but a grown man sleeping in the same bed with a teenage boy showed a pattern of "grooming or conditioning" which escalated to touching.

Mr Hobart said there was no denying that Mr Curran is a person of good character, but even people of good character commit offences. He said Mr Curran had a "distinct weakness" of sexual attraction for a young boy.

"You think this is something this boy has made up?" Mr Hobart said. "You think this is a total lie? Or do you think he's telling the truth after all these years?

"The Crown says not only is he not making it up, but the Crown has proved its case beyond reasonable doubt. The Crown suggests you will find the Accused guilty”.

Four cops among six Paedophiles convicted, faces death penalty for gang raping 8-year-old girl

Six Paedophiles  were convicted on Monday over the notorious 2018 gang rape and murder in India of a young girl from a Muslim nomadic tribe that provoked horror and stoked inter-religious tensions. 

Sexual violence, including against children, is rife in India and outrage over the so-called Kathua case contributed to the government imposing the death penalty for child rapists. According to the charge sheet, eight-year-old Asifa Bano was abducted and taken to a village in the Kathua district of the northern Indian region of Jammu on January 10 last year. In an ordeal lasting five days, she was sedated and held in a Hindu temple, repeatedly raped over five days and then strangled and beaten to death.

Cop who investigates child abuse is himself charged with child sex offences

Child sex abuse charges have been brought against a detective in the Metropolitan Police Child Abuse Investigation Team.

Detective Constable Chris Maitland, 40, faces 14 charges, some of which relate to making indecent images of a child.

He will appear in Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Friday on two charges of sexual touching of a girl under the age of 13, five of making an indecent image of a child and an additional seven of making an indecent image of a child.

Maitland was remanded in custody in November on suspicion of possession and distribution of indecent images of children

He was released on bail, but arrested again on Tuesday on suspicion of sexual touching.  He has been suspended from his post.

Source : https://www.rt.com/uk/336109-police-charged-child-

Rachel Vaughan’s effort to tell police about murders. Vital! Help!

The first person I contacted in my search for information about the Adelaide pedo-rings was Rachel Vaughan, based on a comment she made at Fiona Barnett’s website pedophilesdownunder.com. Then I came to see that Ms Vaughan is Olympic medal material for the high jump, or the “most letters sent to SA police since the First Fleet.”

Gumshoe has associated Rachel with her brother Andrew McIntyre whom I interviewed here in September, 2018 about the case of the three Beaumont children (who all disappeared one day in 1966).   But there is another famous Adelaide disappearance of a child, Louise Bell, in 1983.

Warwickshire police officer charged with child sex offences

Christopher Cambray

Former ‘rookie of the year’ Christopher Cambray, 42, is currently suspended from his sergeant role with Warwickshire Police pending the outcome of the inquiry.  The officer has been charged with 11 child sex offences, including possessing and making indecent images, sexual activity with a child and paying for the sexual services of a child. 

The married dad first appeared before Birmingham magistrates on April 28. He is due to attend a plea and case management hearing at Birmingham Crown Court on August 20 when he will have an opportunity to enter a plea.

Metropolitan Police officer charged with sexually abusing children

Alleged paedophile has been suspended from work with specialist crime and operations unit


A serving Metropolitan Police officer has been accused of sexual offences against children.

PC Daniel Cooper, 31, works in the specialist crime and operations unit of the UK’s largest police force.

Cop in court over child grooming

Vikram Gopinath leaving the Melbourne County Court yesterday. He is a police officer who has pleaded guilty to try to groom a child in his care in Mildura in January 2017.Picture: The Age/Luis Enrique AscuiVikram Gopinath leaving the Melbourne County Court yesterday. He is a police officer who has pleaded guilty to try to groom a child in his care in Mildura in January 2017. Picture: The Age/Luis Enrique Ascui

VIKRAM Gopinath was working as a Senior Constable at Mildura Police Station when he met and began sending explicit messages to a 16-year-old girl who was in state care.

Gopinath, 29, was charged with misconduct in a public office and attempting to procure a child aged 16 or 17 under his care for sexual penetration in January, and this week entered a guilty plea at Melbourne’s County Court.

Retired York police officer who pleaded guilty to child sex offences gets two years in prison

A retired York Regional Police officer was sentenced to two years in prison on Friday. Donald Clark, 67, pled guilty last week to one count of sexual exploitation and sexual interference, both charges related to the sexual abuse of children.

Clark was a York police officer between 1974 and 2006, and had a part-time role driving York police vehicles to garages for repairs from 2007 until his arrest in Nov. 2015.

“York Regional Police will not tolerate the victimization of members of our community,” said York police Chief Eric Jolliffe in a press release Friday.