Why do peacekeepers have immunity in sex abuse cases?

U.N. report alleges child abuse by French soldiers


  • Rosa Freedman: French peacekeepers accused of sex abuse in CAR. Peacekeepers are protected by UN immunity
  • She says this is unacceptable and makes U.N. complicit in preventing justice.
Editor's Note:Rosa Freedman is a senior lecturer at Birmingham Law School, University of Birmingham, in the UK. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author.

(CNN) — Earlier this month in New York, the advocacy group AIDS Free World launched a campaign to end impunity for personnel who commit sexual abuse during U.N. peacekeeping missions. The rape and abuse of women and children has affected an untold number of victims over the years, said Graca Machel, author of the study "The Impact of Armed Conflict on Children," speaking at the launch of the campaign, called Code Blue.

U.N. peacekeepers, including troops, civilians and U.N. staff who commit these crimes can do so behind a cloak of immunity, knowing that they will not be held to account for their heinous actions.

The United Nations is turning a blind eye to child rape within its own ranks

Abusers job or title:: United Nations peacekeepers

Google 'UN sexual abuse' and see just how much comes up and for how long it comes up. See for how long Kofi Anan, Ban Ki Moon and now Antonio Guterres have been saying 'something must be done.


The United Nations is raping children. The facilitation of these child rapes is in part funded by the UK taxpayer.

You think this is “fake news”? Well let’s go right to the top and check the facts.

Earlier this month, UN Secretary General ​António Guterres in releasing the 2016 UN annual review said that there were 145 cases of sexual exploitation and abuse involving troops and civilians across all UN peace missions in 2016 alone. The United Nations Secretary General is talking about his own organisation.

These 145 cases involved 311 victims and even the UN recognises that this is the tip of the iceberg. Many of the victims, by the UN’s own admission, are children.

Abuser Name or Alias:: Various
Abusers Organisation:: United Nations
Matter Resolved?: No, Ongoing

The UN has a problem: it's not just gender violence, it's child rape

A UN peacekeeper keeps watch in a camp for displaced civilians in Juba, South Sudan. David Lewis/Reuters

If a United Nations official in New York raped an American child, there would be hell to pay. Similarly, if a UN official in Geneva raped a Swiss child, there would be an outcry.

So why is it that when a United Nations official or peacekeeper rapes an African child, the organisation fails to ensure that perpetrators are prosecuted?

This a question that the world body has been avoiding for years. Only recently its top officials acknowledged that the UN has a very serious sexual violence problem.

Earlier this year UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres confirmed that UN peacekeepers and civilian staff perpetrated 145 cases of sexual exploitation and abuse involving 311 victims in 2016 alone. That is more than two victims for each case on average.

"‘Paedophilia is natural and normal for males’ – here’s why we need to stop calling child rapists paedophiles"

The word paedophilia originates from the Greek words paidos, meaning child, and philia, meaning love. The term is derived from a pseudo-scientific justification for the behaviour of those who would molest, abuse, rape and even kill children to satiate personal desires.  It absolves them of responsibility. We need to call a spade a spade: these people are child abusers and rapists. The Paedophile Information Exchange Lives On.

The first scientist to use the concept was the German sexologist and physician Richard Krafft-Ebing. In his monograph Psychopatia Sexualis, published in 1886, he defined paedophilia as a psycho-sexual perversion, open to cure. Around 1906, his British counterpart Havelock Ellis presented pedophilia as an extreme version of normal masculine sexuality.

In 1974, a group of child sex abusers launched the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE).  This group was legal at the time, and sought to promote the rights of ‘paedophiles’

Vatican cops bust drug-fueled gay orgy at home of cardinal’s aide


the Italian paper Il Fatto Quotidiano reported.

Cops raided the apartment in late June after neighbors voiced concern about multiple people acting strangely while streaming in and out of the residence, the newspaper reported Wednesday.

Once police were inside the apartment, they said they found multiple men engaged in rampant drug use and homosexual activity.

They then arrested the priest — an aide to one of Pope Francis’ key advisers — after taking him to a clinic to detox from the drugs he’d ingested.

The unnamed aide is now on a spiritual retreat in a convent in Italy, the paper said.

The aide’s apartment building is the same place where Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger lived for about 25 years before becoming Pope Benedict XVI.

Fatto Quotidiano described the building as “a perfect location to enjoy the extraterritorial rights [of the Vatican] without having to undergo neither the checks of the Italian State nor those of the Vatican City.”

Pope Francis “has decided to accelerate the retirement” of Coccopalmerio, who serves as president of the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts, the paper said.

Coccopalmerio had recommended the secretary for a promotion to bishop — but his prospects aren’t looking good following this incident and two previous alleged drug overdoses, according to an International Business Times report.

“He had proposed his secretary to the episcopate. Fortune that they have not appointed him bishop. Now what would happen?” Il Fatto Quotidiano said. “Someone stopped this appointment before it was too late.”

The scandal comes just a week after the Vatican was rocked by sex-abuse allegations against high-ranking church official George Cardinal Pell.

Pell was charged with multiple counts of historical sexual assault offenses by Australian police.

The cardinal, who served as Pope Francis’ chief financial adviser and is Australia’s most senior Catholic, is the highest-ranking Vatican official ever to be charged in the church’s sexual- abuse scandals.

Source : http://nypost.com/2017/07/05/vatican-cops-bust-drug-fueled-gay-orgy-at-cardinals-apartment/

Hundreds of children abused by 'Ulster paedophile ring'

An alleged victim says he was abused by three different men - the first targeting him from the age of 12.

A suspected paedophile ring has been operating in County FermanaghImage:A suspected paedophile ring has been operating in County Fermanagh
 An alleged victim of a suspected paedophile ring in Northern Ireland says he believes "hundreds" of other children were abused.

More than a dozen people have contacted a local newspaper in Enniskillen with allegations of historical abuse in County Fermanagh.

Rachel Vaughan’s effort to tell police about murders. Vital! Help!

The first person I contacted in my search for information about the Adelaide pedo-rings was Rachel Vaughan, based on a comment she made at Fiona Barnett’s website pedophilesdownunder.com. Then I came to see that Ms Vaughan is Olympic medal material for the high jump, or the “most letters sent to SA police since the First Fleet.”

Gumshoe has associated Rachel with her brother Andrew McIntyre whom I interviewed here in September, 2018 about the case of the three Beaumont children (who all disappeared one day in 1966).   But there is another famous Adelaide disappearance of a child, Louise Bell, in 1983.

Fermanagh ‘paedophile ring’: PSNI pledges to investigate every allegation

Child protection branch boss says a historical abuse inquiry in the county is a ‘priority’

The hearse leaving the scene at Killygreen, Belcoo, Co Fermanagh, following the discovery of the remains of sex abuser David Sullivan in 2001. Photograph: John McVitty/Impartial Reporter
The hearse leaving the scene at Killygreen, Belcoo, Co Fermanagh, following the discovery of the remains of sex abuser David Sullivan in 2001. Photograph: John McVitty/Impartial Reporter

Det Chief Supt Paula Hilman has pledged to review cases relating to a suspected paedophile ring in Enniskillen after several victims came forward to tell their stories in recent weeks.

The abuse was carried out by bus driver David Sullivan, who was found murdered in 1998, while allegations have been made against a series of other men, most of whom are still alive.

Each of the cases that were reported to police during that time were later dropped after the Public Prosecution Service decided there was “insufficient evidence” to justify a prosecution.

Now Det Chief Supt Hilman has said she will review new information and speak to new witnesses, which could provide police with enough evidence to seek prosecutions.

“Our team covering Fermanagh will look at this, but I, along with my deputy, will personally look at the resources that I need to put to this to revisit and carry out investigations,” she said.

Newspaper campaign

The PSNI pledge follows a long-running campaign by Fermanagh local newspaper the Impartial Reporter focusing on historical child sex abuse in the county.

Speaking to the Enniskillen-based newspaper, Det Supt Hilman said: “This has become a priority for us, for me, and for the PSNI. We are listening and we will investigate these cases.”

A specialist team of detectives will now examine the existing investigation filed and any new information that has been recently received, and will speak to new witnesses in a bid to seek prosecutions.

“There have been some cases reported very recently where convictions have happened for historical child sexual abuse where detectives in public protection branch revisited and we had somebody prosecuted very quickly.

“We did get a prosecution from looking back at what we knew and new information coming to light. We will do the same again; we will sit with each victim,” she said.

Sullivan’s abuse

David Sullivan abused schoolboys on his bus up until his murder in 1998. One of his victims came forward last week to reveal how the bus driver had abused him 12 times.

The police have yet to properly outline what the organisation knew about the sexual predator and why he was never prosecuted for the litany of abuse he carried out in Co Fermanagh.

“I am limited at what I can say about the investigation into David Sullivan,” Det Supt Hilman said. “If victims are willing to come forward, we will listen to what they say and revisit that.”

“I can understand victims who have come forward if they feel let down or disappointed, but again we need to look at the evidence, [at] what was the nature of the investigation.

“Of course we will take action. We will look at that in the context of timelines to see who knew what and where and when. That will form part of an investigation to review and revisit these cases. We will do that,” she said.

Source : https://www.irishtimes.com/news/crime-and-law/fermanagh-paedophile-ring-psni-pledges-to-investigate-every-allegation-1.3865020?mode=amp

VIP paedophile ring accuser tells his trial he stands by his claims

Carl Beech again alleges former PM Edward Heath and Jimmy Savile were part of abuse gang.

A former nurse accused of lying about a VIP paedophile ring in Westminster has stood by his claims, telling a court that Jimmy Savile and Edward Heath were in the gang of high-profile abusers.

Carl Beech, 51, is alleged to have falsely claimed he was among the victims of a group of establishment men, including senior politicians and military figures, who raped, kidnapped and murdered boys in the late 1970s and early 80s.

Children's homes were 'supply line' for paedophiles, says ex-minister

Lord Warner says an inquiry he conducted in 1992 showed how children's homes were targeted by powerful people.

As a former child protection manager warned that a "powerful elite" of at least 20 prominent figures carried out the "worst form of abuse", the former health minister Lord Warner described the sexual abuse of children as a "power drive".

From the horses mouth: survivor of ritual satanic abuse and informant of paedo network

The original of this blog post is in Spanish and refers to a list of victims and accused from a book in English. We are talking about Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) which is too shocking to imagine and thus as un-believable as institutionalised child snatching and organised child sexual abuse that the national inquiry is supposed to address.

The list has been compiled by a survivor of satanic ritual abuse and a member of a paedo network who decided to confess. Both are in touch with the Ritual Abuse Information Network & Support (RAINS).

The list comprises big and little names: politicians, journalists, doctors, police, celebrities…

How “Mother Goose” ducked paedophile net

This version of the report has been prepared by: Dr Robert N Moles.  [Underlining where it occurs is for editorial emphasis]

On 5 April 2008 Jamie Walker of The Australian reported “How Mother Goose ducked pedophile net”.

He said Brad Shannon knows Adelaide's dirtiest secret. It involves a man called Mother Goose and what happens at night in Veale Gardens, out of sight and out of mind. At 39, with a loving partner at home and his life on track, Shannon counts himself lucky. He survived the sexual abuse he suffered as a child in state care, and being a teenage rent boy in Veale Gardens, where he encountered Mother Goose and the pedophiles who lurk in its shadows. Shannon knows Mother Goose's real name. So do the South Australian police: it was forwarded to them on Shannon's behalf by former Supreme Court judge Ted Mullighan, whose commission of inquiry this week laid bare the "foul undercurrent" that reached into South Australia's child-protection system.

Yet nearly three years after he gave evidence to Mullighan detailing his alleged rape in 1984 at Mother Goose's north Adelaide home, Shannon is still waiting for his day in court. The police investigation was suspended in mid-2005, barely three months after Shannon came forward, in circumstances sharply questioned by Mullighan.