Ex-Florida cop accuses FBI of covering up Prince Andrew’s role in Jeffrey Epstein scandal

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who claims to have incriminating evidence of Prince Andrew is accusing the FBI of covering up the royal’s role in the Jeffrey Epstein sex scandal, according to a report Wednesday.

John Mark Dougan worked as a Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputy in 2005, the year the department launched an investigation into the pedophile financier, who died in a jailhouse suicide in August.

“I’m certain the FBI is involved in some kind of cover-up over Epstein,” he told the Times of London. “That could absolutely include Andrew’s role, or it could be that senior FBI people visited the house and don’t want to reveal that.”

Dougan now lives in Russia after fleeing there in 2016 while under investigation in an unrelated case for alleged hacking.

He claims to still have backup copies of the trove of evidence related to Epstein, including scanned documents — all of which were seized in an FBI raid.

“My copies of the files will never be released unless something untoward happens to me, because they are my guarantee of safety for me and my family in the US,” Dougan said.

The Times reported that MI6, the British foreign intelligence service, fears Dougan may have leaked the Prince Andrew evidence to Russian authorities.

John Mark Dougan
John Mark DouganFacebook

But Dougan, now an IT consultant in Moscow, slammed that claim as “ridiculous” and said he’s never been approached by the Russians about Epstein.

“If MI6 has concerns about any ties between Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein, they got it from their Washington counterparts, not me,” he said.

Andrew has been accused of having sex with at least one of Epstein’s alleged underage “sex slaves,” Virginia Roberts Giuffre. He has vehemently denied the allegations.

Dougan, also a former Marine, quit the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office in 2009 and launched a whistleblower campaign against former fellow sheriff’s officers, accusing them in a series of rogue websites of child molestation, corruption and Nazism.

He fled to Moscow from Toronto in 2016 and was granted asylum.

Source: https://nypost.com/2019/09/25/ex-florida-cop-accuses-fbi-of-covering-up-prince-andrews-role-in-jeffrey-epstein-scandal/?utm_source=facebook_sitebuttons&utm_medium=site+buttons&utm_campaign=site+buttons

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