Absurd new pro-vaccine “study” is nothing more than HATE SPEECH against the unvaccinated

Why tackle hate speech? | United NationsA team of Canadian scientists has declared that “fully vaccinated” people are somehow more likely to test “positive” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) if they hang around with the un-jabbed.

In order to keep the plandemic fear going and going, Drs. David Fisman and Ashleigh Tuite from the University of Toronto, along with a graduate student from the school, published a paper that amounts to hate speech against the unvaccinated.

It claims that the unvaccinated are responsible for the ills of society. It also claims that the fully vaccinated have a “right” to live in a society without unvaccinated people.

“This kind of messaging will only fuel hatred and segregation and the potential development of harmful policies. And it is all in the name of bad science,” writes Dr. Byram W. Bridle about the study.

“As a researcher who has published and reviewed many scientific papers, I can tell you that the article by Fisman, et al. is the worst one that I have ever seen.”

“The ‘peer reviewers’ of this article should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this to be published, and the editor even more so. If the Canadian Medical Association Journal does not promptly retract this article, they will have made themselves an embarrassment among scientific publishers.”

Fascist scientists consider the unvaccinated to be “unclean,” “subhuman”

Mark Crispin Miller on his Substack offered his own critique condemning this new Kristallnacht against the unvaccinated, which have become the new “unclean” members of society.

“Such research will help us grasp the scale and subtlety of that enormous (and ongoing) propaganda drive, and also help us name, and nail, all those responsible,” he says.

“And when we finally do indict them for their crimes against humanity, let’s note, in particular, their ongoing incitement to genocide …”

The unvaccinated are even considered to be subhuman in the eyes of the establishment’s “scientific” community, which expects complete obedience to the plandemic dictates.

“Just as those propagandists cast ‘the Jews’ et al. as lethal entities, whose typhus, TB, syphilis and (not least) ‘Jewish blood’ were said to pose a mortal threat to ‘racial hygiene’ throughout Germany and beyond, so have the COVID propagandists been defining the ‘unvaccinated’ as so grave a danger to the ‘health’ of the injected that they must be separated from society, whether sealed off under house arrest (as in Shanghai), or housed in concentration camps (as in Australia),” Miller further writes.

In truth, the covid propaganda circulating today is actually worse than the kind that circulated during past fascist takeovers. This one is meant to completely finish off the “unclean” by purging every last one of them from existence.

Miller warns that those of us “marked for relocation by such neo-Nazi propaganda” – meaning those of us who are non-jabbed – are not the only ones at risk. Anyone who refuses to take these jabs for the rest of their lives will receive the same punishment.

“This danger is becoming more explicit, as the true toll of this infernal ‘vaccination’ drive becomes increasingly impossible to hide, and – therefore – ‘our free press’ pushes ever more ferociously for something to be done about the scourge of ‘the unvaccinated,'” Miller says.

“This crypto-exterminationist hysteria has now been amplified by a new ‘study’ groundlessly recycling the Big Lie that – to quote Salon’s phobic headline – ‘merely hanging out with the unvaccinated puts the vaccinated at higher risk.'”

Fisman et al. have a responsibility to immediately withdraw their hateful study and apologize to the world for it. Anything short of this renders them fascists of the kind that paved the way for mass genocide.

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