Judge Sally Porkorny and Chief Justice Fairchild protecting abusers.

Judges name: Sally Porkorny and Justice Fairchild
Judges title: Judge and Chief Justice
Judges position: Judge and Chief Justice
Paedophile protectors court location: Douglas County, USA
Type of protection : Granting release

It really is the same old, same old.  But if there's not enough articles about family court judges protecting abusers and punishing protective parents, here's another one for you.

Judge Sally Porkorny and Chief Justice Fairchild in Douglas County are two of the most pathetic excuses for Judges.

However it sounds as if it doesn’t matter what county you find yourself, the Judges are throwing the rules of law out to suit whatever need they wish. These two Judges support a case manager who removes children from a good safe home and places the child with a drunk abusive, porn watching father.

Porkorny refuses to allow a hearing to allow me to present evidence, refuses to find the case manager and father in contempt and Judge Fairchild sat on the bench and said “I know Cheryl Powers, and she would never do anything like what you are saying.”

Kansas male chauvinist pig Judge J. Patrick Walters of Wichita, US.

Type of protection : Granting release

These Kansas Judges need to pull their heads out of their ‘god-syndrome’ asses. WTF—

During a hearing yesterday in a Sedgwick County Courtroom, mother Tammy Youngquist sought to have contact with her two very young daughters.  She hasn’t seen them in months.  As most mothers who have been run into the ground financially by the abusive ex, she motioned the court pro se….without a lawyer.  Judge J. Patrick Walters refused to entertain anything in the motion she put forward, and when Tammy was quoting something in Kansas Constitution about rights of women, Assmunch Walters asked “Women have rights?“  Then he left the court room.

Judge Patrick Walters gives custody of abused children to the abusive parent ... does this sound similar yet?

Judge Patrick Walters, here in sedgwick county needs to be mentioned on your wall of shame, Judge Walters is NOT following the law, he is handing children over to the alleged abusers, he is denying protective parents a right to see their child/children. Kansas statute reads that a parent is entitled to visitation unless visitation would cause danger to the child.

In a recent case and others Judge Walters took away parenting time from a mother because she reported abuse. He stated that she was the abuser, how dare he say such thing, this is why so many children are dying because of Judges like Pat Walters.