"Victoria's Child Protection Corporate Integrity Information and Resolutions Unit a complete WOFTAM!"

corruption 8cb3dA three-tier investigation into corruption and administrative defects in the Wodonga Department of Human Services has come up empty-handed.  Six months after the initial investigation request, and a submission of over two hundred breaches of legislation by child protection workers has failed due to investigative authorities refusing to obtain evidence by any other means than "good faith".

What this means is that the person investigating the complaint of corruption has only asked the officers involved in the corruption if they did the wrong thing.

Ridiculous you say?  To say the least, it is corruption in itself.  A complaint and or investigation must be handled impartially according to Australian Government Investigation Standards.  Impartially doesn't mean asking your mate how good a job they did.  It means obtaining the paperwork and personally checking it to either prove or disprove the allegations.

This type of "investigation", if that's what you call it, is no different to a judge asking a rapist if he raped the woman.  And then when he says "no" or "not guilty", accepting that as "investigation complete" and finalising the mattter prior to obtaining any other evidence which may prove or disprove the case.

Its ridiculous, and if allowed to continue, shows that the Australian Government has no intention, whatsoever, of ever closing in on any corruption.

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