Blood on penis okay for babies in DHS Victoria kinship care

The mothers name is Katherine from Wodonga Victoria. Her son "Caleb B Neglected" is currently under a Custody to the Secretary Order, by Child Protection DHS Wodonga until 8 August 2012.  He currently resides in a Kinship placement with his mothers natural father and his wife in Albury NSW, but the mother still retains legal guardianship and custody her son.

The infant was taken into care on Thursday 18th February 2010 by DHS Wodonga child protection workers (Jasmine Wood and Sarah Streeter) because of false allegations by unnamed people. Since the infant has been in the out of home care program running through Upper Murray Family Carein Wodong (until 12th July 2010) and the in kinship placement the infant has been assaulted, abused and neglected.  None of this abuse has been followed up by DHS Wodonga Child Protection workers, or Upper Murray Family Care, or his Doctors. 

The infant has also been assaulted by DHS Child Protection staff who flatly deny doing it.

Since being forcibly removed from the mothers care in February 2010, the mother states that below are things that have happened to her beautiful, innocent son :
  • "not even three and a half days after Caleb being taken from my care he had a big bruise under his left knee that was witnessed and documented by another party. How he got that bruise there at that age he was 51 days old and wasn't in my care for those nearly four days. He was placed with a carer out at Thurgoona NSW through the out of home care program run through Upper Murray Family Care.
  • Suffering Upper Respitary Tract Infections, Urinary Tract Infection's, bleeding on his privates that was not only seen by the worker Jasmine Wood (DHS Wodonga CPW) but by a professional witness. He has also suffered alot of viral and bacterial infections that have never been followed up by anybody let alone scripts that were provided by doctors that were never sent with him.
  • On a number of different occasions my son was witnessed with multiple bruises by various people on different days there is also photo documentation.
  • Caleb has also attended both hospital emergency departments in Albury and Wodonga, that have been confirmed for reasons unknown except being told minor issues at Albury Base Hospital.
  • On another access the mother sighted blood up her sons penis.  It was documented and had witnessed by another party.
  • I have been refused to be allowed to take my son to medical appointments arranged for my son's health. Example: a paediatrician for various tests that Child Protection think areunneccesary for Caleb like food alergies, skin allergies, possible epilepsy.
  • Caleb being taken for appointments that I was not notified about including a dietician and a podiatrist for an ingrown toe nail and turning feet that I am getting the blame for, when I only have Caleb for 2 hours once a week now. I've also being told that I am not allowed to cut my son's finger nails because of an incident that was not my fault that made my son's nails bleed after he was seen scraping his nails along concrete by a third party. He was taken to the doctor straight after access and yet again I was not notified by child protection until the following access.
  • Caleb being sent to me on different accesses being sick and witnessed by people and photos can also be provided as well. At one access my son was seen coughing up blood on me. I was flatly refused by Upper Murray Family Care after hours lady to have my son brought in to a doctor after a number of phone calls made by me to a doctor because the carer at the time had not noticed anything at all. By the time I did manage to get my son to a doctor it was revealed that his temperature was in a danger zone before I had given himpanadol and that he had suffered a bacterial infection. I was ignored by DHS Wodonga Child Protection & Upper Murray Family Care for the amount of phone calls I had made.
  • On seperate occassions when my son was given scripts for various infections I asked several different times for the scripts to be sent with him so I could give him the medication I was refused because of child protection's stupidity that i am going to overdose Caleb which has never happened at anytime at any access.
  • I have tried on multiple occassions to get information from Child Protection  DHS Wodonga, Albury Base Hospital Medical records also doctors that have been flatly refused by them and denied that anything ever happened at all.
  • Accesses have been cut on me for when Caleb has been sick on different occassions and never been made up, the most recent being on 22nd August 2011 where Caleb was sent to me covered in a rash and hives from what I later learnt was hand, foot and mouth disease supposedly that there is only hear say from DHS Wodonga child protection becauseI'm unable to obtain proof of from the doctor because of child protection's involvement.
  • I was refused to be allowed in the dietician's appointment at Wodonga on Monday 12th September 2011 by the receptionist even after producing court orders and stating that I am Caleb's legal guardian and that I had every right to be included in that appointment as I needed to hear what was being discussed about Caleb. It got to the point I had a social worker called on me stating that she had rang Candy Edge at DHS Wodonga Child Protection and Candy turning around and stating that there are restrictions on the court orders and was told to go home, I've had my access. I then had security called on me and was told to leave the premises. I have also been refused access to the dieticians report from that appointment from the hospital because of child protection's lies and stating that I am not my son's legal guardian.
  • My son has been assaulted by a now ex child protection worker and a current child protection worker. The first worker assaulted Caleb on Thursday 11th March 2010 by carrying him back to the car after he had pissed on his fresh clothes and nappy i was not trusted to be left in thechangeroom at a service station in the middle of nowhere alone while the worker Diedre McDonald went and got fresh clothes and nappy for him she carried Caleb back to the car. Whatever happened between the changeroom and car my son ended up with two eggs on his head from her which i have photos of that was denied. The other incident occurred on Thursday 9th September 2010 by Allison Johnstone and other worker terminating my access because i had shown up with a person that they didn't approve of seeing my son. Allison then went to take my son from where he was sleeping at the time in a beanbag at the Wodonga Library she continued to pull Caleb's left arm and i had told her to stop it or she would dislocate Caleb's shoulder she didn't andthats what happened my son's shoulder was dislocated by Allison.
  • DHS Wodonga Child Protection and current carers have made medical appointments for my son where they don't and haven't obtained my legal written consent for those appointments & not notified me til later or the following access as they aren't my son's legal guardian I am, I've also had appointments cancelled on me for the doctor's or a nurse for my son's health and medical needs.
  • Til the present date me and my son's maternal grandmother are still providing him with clothing, food, creams he needs for his eczema that has been diagnosed by different medical professionals and documented with notes
Do I really need to continue? I have been putting up with all of this since 18/02/2010 I have been stoned walled not only by DHS Wodonga child protection, by the previous carers and current carers about simple questions that not only have I asked but also my son's grandmother and various witnesses that have asked me questions that I can't answer. Also been stoned walled by the Albury Base Hospital about my son and medical issues. People have been alienated from seeingCaleb because of DHS Wodonga child protection and the way that they treat me and Caleb. 
These are the reason's why Caleb was taken and what lies have entailed with it that DHS Wodonga child protection workers past & present have claimed I have got or done to Caleb:
  • DHS firstly accused me of wanting to relinquish care of my son, and also accused me of smoking around him.  Now I was only ever caught twice smoking here that was it by the maternal health nurse once while Caleb was in my bedroom asleep when I was in the loungeroom and the other time he was on his grandma's lap in the loungeroom and that was it. 
  • It then turned into one of my medical issues where I have the proof that I have at the time I hadn't had it in nearly 2 years in 2010 which was shoved up child protection's nose. 
  • It further lead into the fact that I have mental health issues a learning disability that i have CARDIOMYOPATHY meaning heart problems, that Caleb was at risk of physical n emotional abuse from me where I did nothing to protect him. Lies, the fact that he is afraid of me, the fact that I am lying about Caleb's medical conditions where I have the proof from doctors. I also have photos n witnesses n everytime I have access he is at risk, that is lies as well.
They say Child protection is there to protect kids from some parents because they need it. Well Caleb didn't need to have child protection involved in his life let alone mine and having my family ripped apart because of lies of people let alone the child protection workers past and present in this case. My son is in more danger where he is now placed rather than in my care for good reasons."
Child protection failed to do background checks on the carer, either criminal or medical checks.   If they had done that they would of found out that the carer has medical conditions such as Cardiomyopathy (heart problems & has had heart attacks as well) and a criminal background, where I also fear that he is in the hands of a sex offender, however I am unable to prove this as it has been covered up."
The mother also states that her father has had nothing to do with her for most of her life.  Even though he knew every school she went to, where she lived, and anything that was wrong with me."
DHS Child Protection caseworkers seem that believe expect that there will be a relationship reignitied between the mother and her estranged father, because he has her son, however she states that she is so "filled full of hatred for him - for what he has done to her in the past, and is now doing it to Caleb", hence it will never happen.
Staff at Alecomm are wondering why DHS originally made this placement, particularly given the hostile relationship, the fathers criminal background, and his poor health, particularly when there was a maternal grandmother who absolutely adored this boy, and was already a part of his life in the first place?  Why would you place an innocent baby in the middle of such hostility and think this could possibly do his psyche any good at all?


+2 #1 misskarina 2012-10-08 07:35
i dont think some people would really need to see the disgusting photos i have that would just horrify everybody & what makes it worse is why he was placed there without my consent & why my little man wasnt placed somewhere else so he could learn his cultural identity being part aboriginal

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