DoCS NSW Blatantly Abusing Civil Rights of American Mum

An American Citizen (with children stolen by DoCS NSW)  is presently appealing to the (citizenship) tribunal as they wanted to deport her on March 9, 2011 - WITHOUT HER CHILDREN because DoCS refuse to let the children be with the mother.  The children are not allowed their (rightful) US citizenship.  The daughter is possibly being sexually abused and the son possibly has autism or adhd.

The mother chose to stay with her husband even though he commited domestic violence - due to his commitment and success in the DV and CALM programs, and due to many positive changes in their marriage, though if not for children being held prisoner in Australia, she would prefer to be home in the US with her husband, parents, brother, sister and friends.

Ruth (DIAC WORKER) wanted to know how they met and why she did not apply for permanent residency earlier. The husband and and her had met on a game called 'WOW' (over the internet).  She visited and was invited to stay for the full 3 months. By then they were in love and she was pregnant. Because of her history of having premmies and the baby causing seizures she was on bed rest and had lost her job in the US.  She was not medically allowed to fly home and could not afford the $2000+ to apply for a visa.

Welcome to Gosford Family and Community Services

Lindsay McVaney Plush, you certainly look very enticing, though not so sure your outfit portrays the kind of caseworker we as the public would like to have in charge of the lives of our children. This docs worker is based at Gosford and see's to it that children and their parents are never reunited, in fact her and her colleagues will use their crown solicitor and your tax payers dollars to argue away your basic human rights.  Don't you Lindsay?

Michelle England, fantastic crown solicitor, atrocious child protection solicitor, successfully argued in court a few months ago that a grandmother was not an appropriate person to be having contact with her grandson because she exercised her article 19 rights under the convention of civil and political rights to freedom of expression.  Lindsay doesn't like how people gather at AltNews and Alecomm for support in this downtrodden child trafficking system and took the rights of the boy to have regular contact with his grandmother and now gives the grandmother 3 visits of 1 hour per year.