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Lindsay McVaney Plush, you certainly look very enticing, though not so sure your outfit portrays the kind of caseworker we as the public would like to have in charge of the lives of our children. This docs worker is based at Gosford and see's to it that children and their parents are never reunited, in fact her and her colleagues will use their crown solicitor and your tax payers dollars to argue away your basic human rights.  Don't you Lindsay?

Michelle England, fantastic crown solicitor, atrocious child protection solicitor, successfully argued in court a few months ago that a grandmother was not an appropriate person to be having contact with her grandson because she exercised her article 19 rights under the convention of civil and political rights to freedom of expression.  Lindsay doesn't like how people gather at AltNews and Alecomm for support in this downtrodden child trafficking system and took the rights of the boy to have regular contact with his grandmother and now gives the grandmother 3 visits of 1 hour per year.

 Nice girl Lindsay.

Her and her advocates also violate the human rights of mothers who are victims of domestic violence, and entitled to SPECIAL PROTECTION OF BOTH MOTHER AND CHILD, and takes children whom the mother has never harmed and puts the children with foster carers way too old to look after the child instead of supply the support that one would imagine a human services officer would be supplying, and now gives the mother 6 visits of 1 hour per year to the mother.

Furthermore she has just taken custody of 2 newborn twins...

Whom the mother had difficulties relating to the birth of her first-born child and no doubt will sell these babies off too into "litigation land" where lawyers and NGOs and foster carers will make at least $2 million dollars out of these children before they turn 18.  You need to take a good look at these cases Lindsay, and see where you are seriously going wrong and correct your mistakes - neither mother has ever harmed their children so why not do the right thing and work FOR THE FAMILY instead of those who benefit by the destruction of the family.

As far as Alecomm see's it, YOU Lindsay are the only one to have abused these two newborn boys.  How you ask?  Well firstly you are denying them their rights to bond with their mother, and everybody knows this causes long term psychological damage to the children.  Secondly you are denying these children their right to be breastfed.  Why in Gods name are you pushing to destroy this family when you could have easily let the babies be placed with the mother, her mother and the childrens father?  If you thought there was serious risk of harm, given that the mother never technically harmed her first born, why wouldn't you leave the bubs with the grandmother and mother under supervision?  Wouldnt this be the least intrusive action upon both the family and mother and children?  You may be surprised but your overreacting and paranoid dillusional actions are lifedestroying and some day Lindsay, you WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!

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-1 #16 GuestGuest 2013-11-07 12:13
Hahahaha just seen this post. This " woman " is a f*#king disgrace she picks up random men in clubs and when told they have a wife and family still continues to pursue them. How can she be qualified to work in any child services position. I myself have had a run in with this mess she needs to be put down
+1 #15 mrGuest 2012-05-17 09:07
wow just came across this website and i totally agree that gosford docs are to quick to remove children from loving caring homes and they definiatly come up with absolute garbage like saying my mother is an alcoholic and not protective of her grandson which was funny considering she doesnt drink at all they based this on a phone call to my mothers mobile while she was on a train and was bad connection they said she was drunk and slurring her words its actually a running joke in our family now!!LOL!!!i also tried to report a docs worker who was heavily into drugs and dealing drugs but was told by them what our workers do on there time is there bussiness ..gosford docs is a total discrace!!
-7 #14 RE: Welcome to Community Services Gosford DoCS ...Guest 2012-01-11 14:47
:-x Lindsay McVaney-Plush lives with my brother at Berkley Vale on the Central Coast after meeting on a dating website, they starting living together 2 months after meeting. My brother has 3 teenage children 2 boys aged 15 & 16 1 teenage daughter aged 14. These 3 children where living with the father and Plush at her home on Central Coast. Plush not accepting his 3 children made it very hard for them to live together as a family she continuously lies to their father accusing the children of stealing from her and i.e using the shampoo in the bathroom, using bobbie pins she even abused Sherryn for using her hairbrush the only brush in the house. She told their father that his 3 kids are to do all the house work including washing and general household duties whilst she slept all day or layed up on lounge ordering the kids around she also expected the 3 children to care for her 6 year old son. The 3 children where forced to live in the granny flat in the rear yard which did not have a toilet which meant they had to use the toilet in the house and at times Plush would lock the back door and not allow them in to use the house or any bathroom facilities. She mentally abused the 3 children to the point where they could no longing live there with their father and had to return to Sydney to live with relatives. I was under the impression that DOC's was an organisation that encouraged families to stay united more so with Aborignal families as the relationship with the Aboriginal Communities and DOC's was damaged due to Stolen Generation and here you have a so called worker spliting a Aborignal family and depriving these 3 young children a relationship with their father which was solid before he met Plush. People like her should not be working in an organisation like yours when she can't even take care of her own private live.
+8 #13 Dear Reality CheckGuest 2011-06-22 09:29
:oops: We do not publish any stories without checking our facts and government documentation first. And just as there was a last stolen generation, the child migrants scheme (straight out trafficking), the forgotten australians, there is THIS STOLEN GENERATION. Speaking for myself they stole my baby 2 hours out of my womb whilst i was still haemhorraging. on nothing but bullshit, so i doubt your harsh and extremely inaccurate facts make little stance to those who are the victims of forced adoption and just straight out government child trafficking. Lindsay McAvaney Plush has a lot of explaining to do considering one of her recent cases involve newborns who are coming home and should not have been taken either - more trafficking. More carers stealing the parents allowance. More money in the dirty hands of lawyers and judges. I would like to think what you say is the truth, but i know it is not. And maybe if DoCS stopped stealing kids from fit families and did actually investigate and not just add one and one and get five million, they would have time to find the real children being abused - by both parents and foster carers - as all evidence and reports prove that all children are many times higher to be abused in foster care. And for the record Reality Check: My daughter is home also - guess they got it wrong with my case also - maybe DoCS should investigate before they take kids - unlike what you are saying - Still the damage to our family is already done by DoCS & nothing will ever change that - no colostrum for bubby, no breastfeeding and shoved in a prison ward for the first four days of her life not allowed to even be looked at by her family, let alone cuddled - & a new dads special moments destroyed forever -- how disgusting - yet how very normal these days. Thank you for yoru time and comment.
-6 #12 RE: Welcome to Community Services Gosford DoCS ...Guest 2011-06-22 08:18
Oh my god. What ever happened to personal responsibility? Do you have any idea how hard it is to get DOCS to remove a kid from abuse? To get to a stage where DOCS will even think about even a simlpe follow up visit, there has to be so much signficant abuse it is not funny.. I have worked in the welfare sector for years, and we are lucky if they have enough time to return a phoen call when we report harm.
If you have had your kids taken off you then you must have really screwed up (multiple times)... I am so sick of hearing about the special bond between mother and child..... Love is not enough in parenting.. You actually have to care, protect and nuture your child. Stop blaming your abusive ex partner.. You were still making a choice to stay in that dangerous relationship. You still share responsibility. .. It is almost impossible to have a child removed from a parent, so if you have lost your child you must have screwed up royally. Instead of whinging and shifting the blame, how about you work on yourself and take some personal responsibility. .. As for harrasing a government worker on a public site, I really hope you know a good lawyer!
But again, all the time you spend blaming someone else, is the less time you spend actually learning to be a good parent.
-6 #11 RE: Welcome to Community Services Gosford DoCS ...Guest 2010-12-10 15:31
like i have always said they are sluts! dirty disgusting sluts and this pic proves me right! they should be working in brothels a strip :roll: joints where the came from in the first place sluts like these need to have all there insides taking out and used for what they are intended for a walking hole!
+10 #10 RE: Welcome to Community Services Gosford DoCS ...Guest 2010-10-29 21:13
Gosford DoCS has a lot of explaining to do. By the way how do i put up a shame and name?
+7 #9 RE: Welcome to Community Services Gosford DoCS ...greyissue 2010-10-17 12:25
lets face it...docs employ these young power freaks and use them as worthless pawns as it is so easy to allow the power freaks to steal children off anyone they develop attitude towards. the larger community is not aware that is all it takes for them to take a child till they are 18, when was attitude concidered a crime? i know there are some past docs staff that regret destroying families but their hindsight thoughts do not fix their destruction caused by their hunger for power over others, and when young porky pig like this one have a bad weekend out, fail to pick up and have their ego dammaged they gain their power back by dissempowering families to the point of destruction
-6 #8 RE: Welcome to Community Services Gosford DoCS ...Guest 2010-09-26 08:10
oh wat a trashy s**t she is her last pic was with her sticking her finger up the dirty trash bag b***h hey Lindsay u dirty b***h u and other case workers stop big noting ya selfs and stop bad mouthing me to ppl ya dirty trash bag
-3 #7 RE: Welcome to Community Services Gosford DoCS ...Guest 2010-09-18 16:38
She works for govt and not an NGO enjoying the bigger salary, and all the other perks of an NGO employee - this makes me so much more inclined to go easy on this young woman.

But we don't know, she may well be using her position to fight misconduct and corruption. Maybe we need to be talking or explaining our own position to people like Lyndsey.

I'm uncertain public attacks on random caseworkers is of any value?
+15 #6 RE: Welcome to Community Services Gosford DoCS ...Guest 2010-09-18 16:11
Could everyone visit Emily's site

+11 #5 RE: Welcome to Community Services Gosford DoCS ...Guest 2010-09-18 16:09
I know you have a kind nature PIED and a beauiful heart ...but i must disagree ....i am a mother of two beautiful independant young women and a grandmother to two teenage girls and i would not like to see any of them ever dress as provocative as this DoCS worker. She is LUSHING wherever she is.
+11 #4 RE: Welcome to Community Services Gosford DoCS ...Guest 2010-09-17 18:47
:-* Im not so sure i agree with that statement Pied. Yes have a night out by all means but given the position they have I believe they should have a little more dignity and respect for those they apparently represent - our children. And i dont care what anybody says, 'IGNORANCE OF THE LAW IS NO EXCUSE' - this woman does not use the least intrusive method. Im sure if she had a problem with the illegalities of her position, that she would use the avenues available to her to address the issues of misconduct and corruption within DOCs. An abuser is an abuser. If you want to work in child protection, PROTECT THE CHILD.
+1 #3 RE: Welcome to Community Services Gosford DoCS ...Guest 2010-09-17 18:32
Autralian women, I hope, can have a night out the same as anyone else without being labled lushes. Isn't this attitude the one we want DoCS to stop as well?

It is not the caseworkers, all decisions are in the hands of their managers. I believe the focus needs to be on managment, not working women who either do what they are told or find themselves other employment. I believe many are shocked when the reality of this system hits them after investing in training/study etc.

Careful we do not turn into what we hate.
+15 #2 RE: Welcome to Community Services Gosford DoCS ...Guest 2010-09-17 16:40
She resembles Porky Pig ...does she not. What a terrifying face for our little children to experience
+14 #1 RE: Welcome to Community Services Gosford DoCS ...Guest 2010-09-17 16:38
Annette Gallard needs to haul this lush over the coals. She also needs to investigate the misconduct of hundreds of caseworkers who are taught at an early stage of entering the traffic ring that > Keep these children in care at any cost and keep those billions of dollars rolling into our big mortgages and NGO sluts that also allow our children to beaten and abused by thier carers ,,,,,,,,,, Money makes DoCs go round and around and around .

You young lady lush should be disgusted in yourself

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