"The DOCS/FACS NSW Protest against Corruption"

never give up small 09be5Day ONE:
Meet at 9.00 am on 27 August 2013 outside the Downing Centre Criminal Courts 143-147 Liverpool Street SYDNEY.
This is the day that Jim Moore disgraced former Director General of DOCS/FACS NSW goes on trial for Domestic Violence - The Media will be in attendance to cover his trial.

Day TWO:
Protest continues outside the Electoral office of Pru Goward.
Meet at 10.00 am
288 Bong Bong Street BOWRAL NSW

This is a chance for all of us to unite in protest and present our struggle to the Media for our children. We need all family members victimised by DOCS/FACS NSW to attend, and ask that everyone be well dressed and well behaved - NO offensive language as we need to impress the media.

This will be our chance to be heard by the media.

Please start making plans for this protest and preparing your Banners to highlight the extensive failures of DOCS/FACS NSW.


+1 #1 aronGuest 2014-01-12 13:53
Looking back now at that I see allthough numbers wernt that high, it was a verry successfull day, it was a little hot but the numbers we did have sure did creat some awareness, handang out about 1000 full page flyers that contained info for the public to read and keep them self updated ...Jim Moore has almost steped of the planet and now we have a convicted drug user and convictions of traffic drugs...the whole child protection scheen has become just that A SHCEEM...

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