"Pru Goward Boards the Corruption Train ... Full Steam Ahead."

  1. Ward of the State fee67There are 39,000 Children all up under DoCS /Facs NSW
  2. The Children in care of the State of NSW today ...Will be the Forgotten Australians of tommorow.
  3. Pru Goward states she desperately wanted the job of Community Services Minister

Before Pru got the job she also stated she would start sending children home to thier parents and families.
This is because she recieved literally hundreds upon hundreds of emails, letters and visits from parents and families of stolen children whilst in opposition and knew exactly what was going on in Child Protection NSW prior to the State election of March 2011.

Pru Goward is just another theatrical puppet for Government enforced Foster Mills headed up by Corporate NGO's, the old adage of State & Church now joined by Corporate blood sucking parasites who aim to earn as much dirty lucre as they can from the misery of NSW families and thier innocent children. The campaign is one of fear and class cleansing in order to employ thousands of middle class workers to assist the new corporate NGO's in thier supply on demand modus operandi.

Community Services NSW would have the general public believe that the caseworker exodus is due mainly to under funding and job pressures. Caseworkers are walking away from thier employement in child protection NSW due to work place bullying by superiors and managers who are forcing young caseworkers to go with the flow or suffer the consequences.These bullying Case Managers have been successfully indoctrinated by the hostile, toxic and malicious system that it is now better known as. FosterCarers are being bullied and victimised every bit as much as the parents of children who do not warrant State Care.

The complaints system is an absolute joke as it simply does NOT exist. The system will tell the complainant to refer back to the caseworker the complaint refers to..hows that for a major Governmental department joke. Annette Gallard DoCs CEO and damage controller who retired last year sent out substandard letters to hundreds of complainants on behalf of the Minister stating exactly the above...please refer your complaint back to the caseworker your complaint refers to.. By the way..Annette Gallard was successful in changing the Human Tissues ACTand led the review to have all State Wards made compulsory organ donors.One can only imagine the size of Miss Gallards retirement cheque.

Since Pru Goward became the new puppet on the string ...

We have thousands of innocent children being handed over to many of the abusers of the past ...i'm sure a great percent of us have read the recent demands for a Royal Commission into the Catholic Church and State institutional abuses of innocent children and Justice Woods got it so wrong when he recommended this tragic move.. The pityful sorries that have come about in the recent two from these churches and institutions do nothing for the one million victims who suffered being raped, buggarised and beaten as children in thier care and now we are going to entrust them all over again because of one meaningless word.
Forced adoptions are back in fashion and as you stated 18 years in state wardship via long term or permanent care equates to forced adoption..mind you the NSW politicians are all over adopion of children in care at the moment, thier gearing up to adopt out hundreds of children The labour wards are being raided all over NSW by DoCs baby snatchers , new borns less than an hour old are being ripped from their mothers arms before they are breast fed and delivered to

an NGO..

It wasn't that long ago that Linda Burney ex Community Services puppet challenged Pru Goward on sending children home ..she stated another huge injection of funding would be needed to deal with this ... yet we know the NGO's are being subsidised at around $6,000 per week per child, and Family Support and Assistance funding is a mere shameful pittance.

We also know of hundreds of parents fighting in the courts for years on end to have thier children returned to thier rightful places in life. Hence Community Services NSW fund Lawyers to fight these parents and families into financial ruination with thier David & Goliath mentality and let me tell you the State legal bill via Communty Services Child Protection is an endless pitt of money for the corporate legal sector, not to mention caseworkers spending a great amount of time on court cases that should have never been litigated in the first place due to thier failure of thorough investigation. The grand joke here is that many parents have been successful in thier court cases and judges have directed DoCs to return the children to thier parents and after a year or two fighting thier cases and winning ,,DoCS STILL refuse to return the children. Work that one out.The DoCs motto is Litigate before investigating.

Domestic Violence is proving to be a new commodity for DoCs. I know of one mother who had her baby girl snatched less than three hours after her birth, because hubby slammed the gate one night. $40,000 later in legal fees and the baby girls was back home with her adoring and doting parents...one of the lucky ones you could say. The trauma, heartbreak and financial loss this couple went through was immense.

The NSW Government propaganda on Domestic Violence removals of children from mothers who have never harmed thier children is sickening to say the least. Funding to assist these victim mothers and thier children is also a pittance .

Throughout the DoCs Child protection system you will not find intrgrity, transparency or accountability for the damage they are causing to thousands of children and thier families. It is a system hell bent on using these families as commodities to the corporate sector..NWO if you will.

Speaking of the corporate sector.

Over 30% of Innocent children in care of the State of NSW are being force-fed narcotic based mind altering drugs in order to manipulate and control these children from seperation anxieties. This i find criminal to say the least. It is legal drug trafficking and forced addiction.

Pru Goward should hang her head in shame for assisting the never ending supply of revenue to the corporate sector that bare no moral ethics or conscience.


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