"Support Jadeine's Fight Against DoCS NSW Tweed Heads"

Please DoCS NSW Tweed Heads DoCS Give my Brothers and Sisters Back

Below is the heartbreaking story of Jadeine.  Written by Jadeine, asking, begging, for help for her and her family.  The Department of Community Services NSW tore her family apart some time ago.  They separated her from all her brothers and sisters, and her parents, because of false allegations, and now false allegations, still unproven by JIRT.  DoCS NSW refuse to concede they were wrong and have moved half the siblings interstate to make it as difficult as possible for the children to see their parents.  To add insult to injury they're now trying to stop ALL CONTACT.  Seven more children; lives destroyed because the government refuses to prove beyond reasonable doubt that there truly is abuse happening to children before they remove them.  Even after removal, and after allegations can be disproved, DoCS still do not return children, even if the magistrate orders their return.  What is this world coming to.  ... Here's Jadeine's story - the young girl who should be out having fun and obtaining an education, who instead spends each and every day of her young life worried about her brothers and sisters she is now only allowed to see six times per year!


Hi guys, My names Jadeine I'm 17 and I'm the eldest sister of 7 amazing children i call my siblings ?

So on may 6, 2010.. i came home from a normal day at school ready for a busy night in our little house on the Tweed River, until dinner time when a knock on the door came and my whole life got ripped from underneath my feet.


2 policemen and 3 DOCs (Department Of Community Services) workers where... at our front door and they were here to take us away from the 2 people who loved us more than anyone else in the world could, Mum and (Step) Dad.

They told us and reassured us all it would only be for a few days until things got sorted out and that we would all be going somewhere together, so i packed what i could in a bag and followed my brothers and sisters into the cars after saying goodbye to mum and dad. Little did i know that would be the last i saw of Murwillumbah for the next 4 months...

We arrived at the office and our immediate family was waiting there including my Father, Grandma and Aunty. They took us each into a room and they told me i wasn't going to see my mum and dad for a really long time so i had to decide if i wanted to live either with my real dad on the Gold Coast or a foster home.

Naturally i chose my dads house with my 2 other brothers, whilst my little brother was sent with my Grandma also on the coast, my 2 sisters with my Aunty in Maclean and my baby brother was sent to Melbourne with Second-Cousin.

It wasn't until the trip home in the car when i realized what had just happened, my life in Murbah, my school, friends, everything, gone just like that.

After i did everything i could to get home and return to my normal life which even meant refusing to go to school anywhere else but Murwillumbah High and running away from my dads numerous times. Thanks to some legal help i found out i was of age to decide where i lived for myself and i now live back in Murwillumbah with my mum and dad, but my brothers and sisters are still split up living where they don't want to be and theyre too young to do anything about it.

The only time we ever get as a family now, is twice a year fo three hours. I'm grateful for it dont get me wrong but seriously 3 HOURS thats not even a full day. and worse yet we have to sit in some crappy house being watched by supervisors writing down every word thats being said.. and whats worse now is that at the end of the visit the kids ball their eyes out and tell us they want to come home, but my aunty is using this and saying its too 'traumatising' for them and shes pushing to get these visits stopped all together!
Its been 2 years now and all i want is my brothers and sisters back!

Some of you guys could be thinking.. its the governments job to do this stuff, there must of been a reason, im sure it didnt happen for nothing.. well if i hated your family so much for what ever reason.

i could no word of a lie make my life goal to ruin your family.. constantly make false reports about anything and everything, and then get my friends to do the same. wont be long till they think your doing all these horrible things and just like that your kids or family are gone - i know. it happened to us.


There have been numerous allegations against me, mum and dad saying all different things about how we are such bad people and all the horrible things we do to the children, they have been investigated by police but none are ever followed. Ive been pulled out ouf school being accused of some really f****d up things. they prettey much called me a child touching paedophile.. :/ :/ and that mum and shayne bashed me on a daily basis.

All my friends and I know that its not true, the kids said its not true. but apparently the court couldnt prove or disprove the allegations and they had to "take the side of caution", so a plan was put in place for all the kids to be where they are until they're 18

All im trying to get out is how f****d the system is and how people can ruin a whole familys lives just like that so if you know of ANYONE who can help our situation or is in the same one as us then please let me know so we can do something about this corruption of the Department Of Communtiy Services

Thankyou for taking the time to read my story and weather you knew our family personally or not, just judge for yourself and every bit of support means the world to us".


#2 My daughter was accused too!Charmed 2013-07-27 17:26
Hi Jadeine. Your story is almost identical to mine and my kids. Ive lost custody of my 9 year old son just yesterday and DoCS and Jirt are to blame for the past 3 years of hell. I have evidence to prove that my daughter is innocent of these allegations and I am going to fight the department with everything I have in me to clear my daughter's name and have my son home with me again. I would love to hear from you if possible as I am prepared to support and fight with you. I have so much dirt on these departments that I will be presenting to the media. I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. I am located in the Newcastle area. Bye for now.
+2 #1 Hello JadeineChildrensAdvocate 2012-06-09 07:18
:cry: Phew ! Tweed Heads DoCs has a seriously bad name for malicious lies against innocent parents. DoCS staffers have proven to be pretty twisted people and will go to any legnth to lie, victimise and traumatise innocent families and thier children.

Dividing your sibling group up the way have is criminal to say they least...and these immoral people who are more than happy to destroy sibling bonds and relationships are carrying out human rights crimes against families and siblings.

Two visits a year for three hours !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no way...you and your SIBLINGS have the RIGHT to spend time together far more than twice a year. Contact the Manager of Tweed Heads CSC and demand your rights to see your siblings five times a year. Go to the media ! The Ombudsman and tell the Ombudsman of the heinious accusations thst have been made against you personally....w hat you were accused of is life destroying stuff .... it happened to another sibling sister just recently and it is absolutely disgusting to do this to a loving sibling as a vendetta to stop you craving your siblings return.

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