"Who is the Bigger ScrewUp? The DoCS Workers or the Foster Carers who make Kids call them Mum?"

yournotmurealmumFor those already privvy to the "Child Protection" system, you would already be aware that the Case Workers with DoCS or DCS or DCF or whatever they are, no matter where they are in the world get off on forcing kids to call carers "mum".  Its really quite sick and distressing particularly given how much most kids seem to shoved from pillar to post in the foster care system.  We at Alecomm know a (now) four year old boy who has had six "mums" since he was kidnapped from his own real mother.  You think thats not going to screw a kid up?

Whats even better is that they then force the children to call their real parents by their first name.  They even do it to grandmothers.  Having kids call their grandparents by their first name is just not on, not only does it confuse the child to no end, it is totally disrespectful.  If i had called my grandmother by her first name when i was a young child i would have been in a lot of trouble.  Having our apparent "child protection" workers, the ones that proclaim to care for kids, eforcing this type of behaviour is just plain low. 

In another case we are aware of, the children had to call their paternal aunty their "mummy" and their real mum by just her first name.  Same deal with the grandparents.

For foster carers who get off on doing the same thing, remember one thing - you can never replace a parent and if you have to get somebody elses child to call you mum, you really need to have a good look in the mirror and ask yourself why you are doing this in the first place?  Obviously there is some void in your life of which you are now using somebody elses family to fill.  How sad.  Maybe somebody someday will fix this goddamn awful system that is so shameful to even talk about.

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