DoCS NSW Blatantly Abusing Civil Rights of American Mum

An American Citizen (with children stolen by DoCS NSW)  is presently appealing to the (citizenship) tribunal as they wanted to deport her on March 9, 2011 - WITHOUT HER CHILDREN because DoCS refuse to let the children be with the mother.  The children are not allowed their (rightful) US citizenship.  The daughter is possibly being sexually abused and the son possibly has autism or adhd.

The mother chose to stay with her husband even though he commited domestic violence - due to his commitment and success in the DV and CALM programs, and due to many positive changes in their marriage, though if not for children being held prisoner in Australia, she would prefer to be home in the US with her husband, parents, brother, sister and friends.

Ruth (DIAC WORKER) wanted to know how they met and why she did not apply for permanent residency earlier. The husband and and her had met on a game called 'WOW' (over the internet).  She visited and was invited to stay for the full 3 months. By then they were in love and she was pregnant. Because of her history of having premmies and the baby causing seizures she was on bed rest and had lost her job in the US.  She was not medically allowed to fly home and could not afford the $2000+ to apply for a visa.

Once she was no longer on bed rest she was still restricted from taking plane flights (and would have preferred to have her son born in the US & to have her mum and dad help with the early months), so they obtained a bridging visa and started to try to save money for the spousal visa.

The mother claims to have been hit a total of 3 times and always reported it but could not leave the home as she did not not have residency, Medicare or anything - and was not sure how to get help.  The 3rd time she was hit, she had the bridging visa and Medicare but no Centerlink or any or financial support, plus her kids were taken away by an agency called DOCS (child protective services) because of the domestic violence and problems that developed as a result of depression and “being trapped” here in Australia.  She offered her husband one last chance to get help, extended her AVO and started trying to get protection visa.   The mother did NOT have the money yet to pay for the medical check but apparently the Red Cross stated they might help.

SHE WILL NOT leave the country without her children but needs residency so she can obtain access to services, benefits etc should domestic violence ever happen again.

She is trying to save her marriage and both of them are in counselling and they don’t know the outcome but for now they are trying and for the past 9+ months (have been) succeeding.

My father is US Ambassador (ret) Edward B O'Donnell Jr


Also did not get the list of FREE services that the Judge Marion's ordered most are at costs we cannot afford due to my medications, specialists, bills etc. I have epilepsy and severe migraines.

DOCS have been working against us. Including ignoring verbal directions to DOCS attorney to leave visitation "as is" for 3 months
then to do the reduction (which I want 12 x year – they are only providing 6 times per year). We also have never been given medical documents EVER. My parents will attach themselves as well for the section 90 reapplication.

Her and her hubby have stated they will take any and all services available (including dv and alcohol and marriage). They would personally like to resubmit in April or May so that they can say either the concerns are gone or are in successful treatment and get the kids back or have the mothers parents adopt them.

The following is a copy of the message sent to The Ray Hadley Morning Show.  It is also a response to Daily Telegraph Article "Docs to send thousands of kids home".

Comments received: I was told that you publicize case that docs has messed up. Docs never give us copies of the notes, medical reports etc although I have been told we have a right to them. They also have not allowed me to take them to the US consulate to get their American citizenship and docs has not reviewed my parents if we are to lose. My father is a former US Ambassador currently working for Hillary Clinton. They have a 5 bedroom home and my mom stays home (does not work). My dad probably makes $140,000 per year and DoCS want to permanently place my kids in a 3 bedroom housing commission house with 9 people (including my kids) till they are 18.  Docs has not helped me to secure permanent residence so I am still on a spousal visa pending tribunal decision "trapped" in Australia as I refuse to leave my kids. PLEASE help me.


#3 RE: DoCS NSW Blatantly Abusing Civil Rights of American MumGuest 2011-12-18 14:37
i know what docs r like cause iv'e got kids in care n docs doesn't care or help cause i lost my kids till they r 18 n there aren't nothing i can do to get them.
+1 #2 RE: DoCS NSW Blatantly Abusing Civil Rights of American MumGuest 2011-03-18 14:21
Thank goodness for this site.

The Department of Community Services NSW gets worse by the day. There is no tranparency , no accountability , and a total ignorance of Parents and Childrens RIGHTS , not to mention there are no Human Rights attached to this disgraceful Department.
+4 #1 RE: DoCS NSW Blatantly Abusing Civil Rights of American MumGuest 2011-03-17 19:32
This is what happens to Victims who report DOMESTIC VIOLENCE . They are RE_VICTIMISED all over again by DoCs the Dpt of Nil Human Services and NIL Human Rights.

This story is so Politically Incorrect_ it is not funny, not to mention HORRIFYING.

Linda Burney Minister for Community Services re: The Dreaded DoCs Dpt CLAIMS her Dpt is winning the war on DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. Who ever believes her delusional comment needs their heads read.

Linda Burney should personally apologise to this American mother and put her and her children on a plane back to her loving parents and the childrens loving grandparents.

But as usual Linda Burney will no doubt turn a blind eye to another of this Dpt's serious BLUNDERS. She will bury her head in the sand and take the blockout mentality as in ....it is not happening, when thousands know it is.

Shame on Linda Burney ... Shame on this Dpt of Corruption ...Shame on NSW and Shame Shame Shame on AUSTRALIA.

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