Hitmen for the NSW Department of Community Services

These solicitors : Kim Rowley, Sam Nasti, Robert McLachlan, Kathryn Renshall, Ross Clarke and Barrister Peter Braine are the hit men for the Department and for the NSW Childrens Court.  They started a so called mentor programme when the childrens courts started in 1998.  [Their] Ex-clients strongly warn everybody to stay away from these solicitors, as they will pretend that they are working for you but have already made agreements with the department and the courts that your child will stay in care.

Peter Braine is a bully and talks down to women.  His favourite line is "Legal Aid does not pay me enough money to work on your case".  He complains about lack of money and does not take instructions from his clients.  He does not explain anything to you and will not answer emails or telephone calls.  He often states paying customers are on the top and legal aid clients are on the bottom.  He lies to his clients telling them false information and is abusive in his manner.  He is not to be trusted.  His office has paperwork all over the ground and he often loses important documents.  He will not put evidence in for you and often tells his clients false information so they will give up and walk away.

Robert McLachlan is good friends with Kathryn Renshall, another DoCS lover. They do mentions for each other.  Robert McLachlans wife is in the childrens courts - Magistrate Ellis.  Stay away from the law firm Ellis McLachlan solicitors at North Sydney.

The rest are just as bad and all take it in turns to be child advocates, solicitors for the department and also solicitors for the parent.  They're also responsible for training the younger solicitors who are coming up through the ranks to take instructions from them.  So that is why we do not have honest solicitors who will fight for the parent.  Their tight little club obstructs the true role of the childrens court and exchanges it for pilfering as much blood money from the government to traffick innocent children from innocent families, and makes it near impossible for any parent to have a decent chance in the childrens court as they run the show. This article ought to get a few bites :-)


+3 #3 Sir JeffreyGuest 2013-05-11 17:58
ANY more info on this Please. I have info on "THEM" SEE my court T/scripts, the Nasti also work as the children's legal rep.
+4 #2 RE: Hitmen for the NSW Department of Community ServicesGuest 2011-03-26 11:59
my problem with docs is not helping from when my grandson was born i reported
being forced fed slaped yelled at from as young as one month old to not being fed ,bite markes ,and the worst two blackeyes i went to court they where placed in our care this is why i belive docs would not help they could not be placed in forster care the icl did not help either they want them back with there abusive mother
+7 #1 RE: Hitmen for the NSW Department of Community ServicesGuest 2010-11-04 18:10
8) You left out Andrew Nasti "SON OF SAM" Nasti a very nasty father and son tag team for DOCS. The DOCS corrupt solicitors are now breading and mentoring their own future replacements.

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