FACS deliberately forge evidence to remove Chase

Court was AGAIN adjourned at Broadmeadow Children's Court in Newcastle. If you are able, please front up and stand in peaceful solidarity for this broken family who are crying out for their baby.

There has not been a single finding supporting FACS' ridiculous claims of malnourishment presented to the courts or Marc and Cini. In the 3 weeks since Chase vanished from his mothers sight without a trace, there has only been adjournment after adjournment.

Loving parents of little Chase, Marc and Cini, have not been charged with any crimes.  They are not suspected of any abuse whatsoever.

On the contrary, after the last court proceedings in which Child Services in Qld attempted to have custody of Chase awarded to the State, the Magistrate ruled that Marc and Cini are undoubtedly the best carers for their son. That they are clearly loving and devoted parents giving him exactly what he needs for the best shot at life.

This was not enough to deter FACS. Several other court appearances with the same outcome was not enough to deter FACS.

Instead, they go back and find blood work from 19 days prior that was no longer relevant to Chases current state, and use that to avoid the courts all together? Huh?

I know for certain that almost any and every politician and relevant organisation in Australia has been contacted by several hundred people regarding this matter.

I know for certain that each and every major media outlet has been given the true story and been issued complaints about misleading reports but are not speaking out.

I know for certain that a petition addressed to our Prime Minister has gathered over 101,000 signatures.

But still, silence on all fronts.

No formal order has been issued by the courts, and yet even being of no danger to their son, they are not allowed to see him, have supervised visits or know his whereabouts.

How long can this possibly go on!?

3 weeks without a kiss from his mother, a song from his sisters or a hug from his Dad. The only people he's ever truly known and deeply bonded with.

Chase was on a pure and organic regimen and now presumably has been suddenly reintroduced to very harsh drugs with unknown and more than likely detrimental consequences.

This matter is literally a case of life and death. Knowing Chase needs 24/7 care, it is likely that he has been kept in a hospital this whole time. A hospital is no home for a 4 year old. There's no way in hell strangers are more suitable carers for this child than his Mum and Dad.

This story is the epitome of inhumane.

When will we be worthy of a government that truly works in the best interests of its people? As it stands, NSW FACS workers only have to be of the personal OPINION that your children are at risk, and if they decide to remove your babies, you'll be left to beg and fight for your children to be returned and prove your innocence. This process can last for YEARS.

For each child removed, approx $12,000 will be paid to agencies that place them and approx $30,000 will go to the brokers that place them with agencies. Figures are much higher for a special needs child and amounts paid out amongst those concerned more than likely do not end there.

Whether these particular amounts are entirely necessary is not my concern. It's the fact that while the laws that exist are in place, there will always be opportunity for despicable humans to abuse the system and make a profit.

So long as the removal of our children can be considered an investment to the foul type of greedy human that we all know exists in most industries, and so long as the laws do nothing to protect our rights to custody of our OWN children, this demands all of our attention. How this case is handled will reflect what we would all be set to face if confronted by a mentally disturbed social worker.

These parents are not criminals. They are not abusive. They are not addicts.

They just didn't want their kid on synthetic formula that was hindering his health and contributing to seizures and Edema. For real. They did what anyone who wanted their child to be free of pain would do!!

If we don't stand up for our children, then we don't stand for much ? Let's hope today is the day baby boy gets to go home

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