Children are dying at alarming rates in foster care and nobody is bothering to investigate

foster-children-died-1508357234.jpgCHILDREN IN THE for-profit foster care system are dying at alarming rates, but the deaths are not being investigated, and autopsies are not even being attached to the now-closed case files, a two-year investigation has found.

The investigation, conducted and released in rare bipartisan fashion by the Senate Finance Committee, looked closely at one of the largest private providers of foster care services, the MENTOR Network.

The companies and agencies charged with keeping foster children safe often failed to provide the most basic protections or take steps to prevent tragedies, the investigation found.

Serious failings in foster care services

Inspections of two private foster care providers have highlighted serious deficiencies, including a case where foster carers were not visited for two months following a “significant event”.


The inspections by the Health Information and Quality Authority (Hiqa) found that of the seven national standards assessed at the Care Visions Fostering Service, all seven were non-compliant, of which five were identified as majorly non-compliant; while of the seven standards assessed at the Oak Lodge Fostering Service, five were majorly non-compliant.

Thousands of children in the UK Foster Care System are being sold to Paedophile Rings

According to a growing number of reports, thousands of children are simply disappearing from the UK Care System (the equivalent of the “Foster Care” system in the U.S.) every year, and what is said to be happening to them is too awful to contemplate.

On May 7, 2018, an article published in The Independent, titled Hundreds more children ‘farmed out’ to care homes miles from where they live despite pledge to cut number, reported that the number of children in the UK who were being sent to residential homes hundreds of miles away from where they live had risen by 64 percent. 

The Independent reported that, last year alone, over 9,000 of the children who had been sent away to these homes had gone missing. She stated that:

There has also been a surge in the number of sent-away children going missing from their care homes, with the number of incidents more than doubling – from 4,380 in 2015 to 9,190 in 2017.

Another few horrible facts to behold about criminal foster care:

The stark horrific reality of state sponsored kidnapping is having its dramatically negative toll on America and its people.  The emphasis on Termination of Parental right and selling them into adoption trafficking schemes is sick and twisted, yet it’s happening all over the USA. Sellable children ripped from their families to be sold to another family is called foster servitude. This is a long way from the idea in 1853, Charles Loring Brace founded a program that would become the foundation of modern day foster care.

There are thousands of horrified stories from survivors of criminal CPS/DHS. Parents and children alike yet no one seem to be able t fix it because the corruption runs deep. The money is too good.

Opioid epidemic highlights twisted machinery of foster care system

Millions of Americans recovering from drug addiction amid the opioid crisis face a looming danger of losing their children as social workers are tempted by twisted incentives to separate families even over smaller lapses in parental judgement.

With 20 million Americans needing addiction treatment (pdf) and more than two million hooked on opioids, many families struggle to maintain a wholesome environment for their children. With federal funding on the line, even well-meaning workers of the Child Protective Services (CPS) are then nudged to label parents unfit and funnel hundreds of thousands of children to the shelter and foster care system, where the children often end up faring even worse, at times facing abuse.

Constitutional rights violated by DHS-CPS Child Protection Services

Crazy CPS AgentsStop CPS Corruption

In order to put a stop to CPS corruption all Americans must have a thourough understanding of their rights as a United States Citizen and regularly excercise them!

Under The Constitution of The United States Of America

"No man who is in a position of authority over them is above the law. Those who have been victimized have the real ability to seek civil and criminal punishment against those who use the authority of the state to act outside the law with impunity."

What separation from parents does to children: ‘The effect is catastrophic’

Dr. Louis Kraus, a child psychiatrist at Rush University Medical Center, said the separation of migrant children from their families could have severe effects.  *** Alecomm notes this critical information is somehow ignored by child protection workers and nurses whom choose to ensure newborns are removed almost immediately after birth, without first investigating allegations of rosk of harm. 

This is what happens inside children when they are forcibly separated from their parents.

Their heart rate goes up. Their body releases a flood of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. Those stress hormones can start killing off dendrites — the little branches in brain cells that transmit mes­sages. In time, the stress can start killing off neurons and — especially in young children — wreaking dramatic and long-term damage, both psychologically and to the physical structure of the brain.

“The effect is catastrophic,” said Charles Nelson, a pediatrics professor at Harvard Medical School. “There’s so much research on this that if people paid attention at all to the science, they would never do this.”

Arizona mom accused of abusing seven adopted children, forcing them to star in YouTube videos

MARICOPA, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- A Maricopa, Arizona woman is accused of abusing seven adopted children in her home, including using pepper spray on them and locking them in a closet.


On March 13, Maricopa police became aware of the alleged child abuse after Machelle Hobson's 19-year-old daughter reported the allegations to officers at the Maricopa Police Department. She told officers children in the house were pepper sprayed and left in a locked closet for days with no food, water or bathroom.  

Foster parent accused of trying to meet child for sex after chatting online

Foster parent accused of trying to meet child for sex after chatting onlineALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- Special agents with the New Mexico Office of the Attorney General arrested Joshua Saavedra Wednesday.

While conducting an undercover chat operation, agents said Saavedra agreed to meet up with the fictional child for sex.

Children are dying at alarming rates in fostercare, and nobody is bothering to investigate

CHILDREN IN THE for-profit foster care system are dying at alarming rates, but the deaths are not being investigated, and autopsies are not even being attached to the now-closed case files, a two-year investigation has found.

Minnesota’s approach to child protection makes children less safe

The headline on the New York Times story was startling: “Foster Care as Punishment: The New Reality of ‘Jane Crow.'” The story documented case after case in which poor African-American children were taken from their families and consigned to foster care in situations that would get barely a passing glance in affluent white families. The story described the needless trauma inflicted over and over on children of color.

Statistics on children in fostercare

Our foster care system is struggling.

In 2015 there were 43,399 children under 18 living in various types of foster care.

Just ten years earlier there were 25,454.

The numbers have nearly doubled.