Foster kids are feral little f**ks

Alecomm had a visitor to its property this afternoon, in a brand spanking (all-but) new Toyota Landcruiser.  Bloody Beautiful it was too.  Number Plates on the front of the vehicle bent completely over so you could not read them at all and 3 or 4 very young kids in the back.  The number plates for this vehicle was AH29BQ.

Upon noticing that i seen the kids in the back, he said "oh, yeh, the kids" ... to which i replied "are they yours?"  -- a common question to ask these days considering how many stolen children are floating around the country for anybody to make a good living off (i mean seriously, just take a look at the vehicle this guy was driving). 

Former foster parent blasts CPS and foster care systems' abuses of power

I became a foster parent with the intentions of putting a roof over the heads of orphaned children. I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

By the time I completed the training process, I understood that the majority of the children that would be entering my home were not orphans. I was brainwashed into believing the children had come from abusive and neglectful homes. I was told the state had rescued them from horrible living environments and that I was somewhat of a hero for taking them in.

They were all lies. It took several years for me to truly see what I had become a part of.

Child Protective Services was stealing children from loving biological families.

The reasons they took children into their custody varied. A few had actually been abused or neglected in their biological homes, but the majority had not been.