"People to be warned of the dangers in the GP's surgery"

People must also be warned of the dangers in the GP's surgery. There are kids in real danger, but who fall into the "too hard basket" which DoCs won't touch, so deaths at home provide fodder for the media against all parents, hinting at any forms of abuse behind closed doors.

GPs are not standing up for kids snatched who've only got excema, or asthma (routine in many now),/ or mum's still on Prozac (after a rape in her youth), or /Dad mistakenly blamed by police for motoring offence (and cleared, tho Police neglect to amend COPS record usually) - such reasons are more than sufficient for the Australian government to destroy a family entirely.

The thousands of reports DoCs gleefully collate customarily also include Risk of Harm reports lodged by the families themselves counting them in as evidence against THEM.

Authors of reports rarely cited in court.

One mother had a stack of 285 x RoH reports counted against her - of which 250 were lodged by the mother with DoCs while her child was being systematically over medicated in a teaching hospital in Newcastle (only one registrar sought to end the mistreatment). These insane kangaroo courts contrive to enforce a No Win for the family - its no inadequacy on the part of individuals.

Its the overall design of Family Justice here. "We're Taking Your Kid - Give Us Money".  http://tinyurl.com/ny9lzgs

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