"Forgottten Australians need Legal Services"

Please Help 1fed5For too long Forgotten Australians are still fighting the system to have their cases heard only to be told at the end, 'time' has beaten you.

We have many Advocate groups that represent us, yet none to date has even hinted at putting together a legal service.

We; "Forgotten Australians" are a very unique bunch of people we just don't fall into the normal life, like the average Australian who has had a normal upbringing with Love, Care and Direction.

We have many issues not knowing how to find work, how to save money, getting the correct legal advice, so many take for granted, we can only get this through our own they understand us and know the pain we suffer.

It's more than about time A FORGOTTEN AUSTRALIANS LEGAL SERVICE was put in place.

Too many of us have spent too long in prisons, mental asylums etc, all because we didn't and some of us still "don't know any better".  (Source : https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152157268400550)

Please send us your ideas / suggestions on how we can make this happen, or how you could contribute to this well deserved service, by commenting below - thankyou.

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