"Two government reports - two different stories. Forde Enquiry response by Government proven to be rubbish"

In 1999 a report was published, the "Forde Enquiry Response".  It was a report from the Queensland Government about the abuse that children suffered in care of our beloved government.  Then, twelve years later, another report was also published, by the Queensland government also.

The first report (Forde Response) stated "it should be acknowledged that today's alternative care system is very different from that of the past.  There is, inparticular, a greater emphasis on family reunification and therefore fewer long term placements"... and "Reforms will have benefits across the wider system and improve outcomes for all children at risk."

The other report stated "As at 30 June 2011, 10,327 children and young people were engaged in ongoing intervention with the department.".  Shortly after this comment it stated " "between 2007 and 2011, the strongest growth has been seen in long-term orders, increasing 83.4% from 2,346 in 2007 to 4,303 in 2011."

This completely contradicts the statements of the earlier Forde Report about how child protection reforms would see less children going into long-term care placements.  In fact, it shows that the figures are now skyrocketing more than ever.

  For the average Australian, or anybody for that fact that hasn't had the truly enlightening experience of dealing with child protection authorities, they may wonder why ... for anybody else, they already know that the "child protection industry", where children are labelled as "units", and so-called not-for-profit agencies base their five year budgets on how many children they can keep in care.

In other words, unless the reforms take the money out of the "industry", provide some decent, (even any) regulation and governance, these figures will continue to rise, and more and more children will be unnecessarily taken into care.  All the money in the world (which is what ends up going to child protecion), and all the reports to match it, will not make any difference until those responsible for child protection start doing their job properly, and making those in the sector do their job properly also.

This isn't the past few years and we're not talking about Linda Burney or Pru Goward.  Alecomm has clients who have been prisoners of child protection and the NSW government since they were four years old.  These prisoners are now twenty one years old, and at age sixteen, when they should have been free from their tormentors (child protection), those child protection workers ensured that those mildly disabled persons who were abused by the department would never see the outside world to tell about it.  They did this by ensuring that they were transferred straight away to the NSW Public Guardian where they are still held to this day --- no phones, no outside world, no choice of where they want to live or what they can have to eat.  No choice to see their parents, who they were stolen off over a decade before hand.  One of these prisoners we refer to is Emily Brown.  Emily has been a statistic in millions of dollars of child protection reports, all promising to fix the problems and cause decline in those taken.  Nothing happens.

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