"Apologies for Forced Adoptions still spewing from every corrupt entity involved - though nothing has changed. The words 'Sorry' are as empty as most child protection workers heads"

denied 315aeToday, this Parliament, on behalf of the Australian people, takes responsibility and apologises for the policies and practices that forced the separation of mothers from their babies, which created a lifelong legacy of pain and suffering.  BLAH, BLAH BLAH.

2. We acknowledge the profound effects of these policies and practices on fathers, but have not changed a thing to ensure children are not forcibly removed before its proven the parents cannot look after the children.

3. And we recognise the hurt these actions caused to brothers and sisters, grandparents, partners and extended family members. We aren't going to stop though because we make too much money from causing this hurt.

4. We deplore the shameful practices that denied you, the mothers, your fundamental rights and responsibilities to love and care for your children. You were not legally or socially acknowledged as their mothers. And you were yourselves deprived of care and support. We might say 'Deplore', BUT WE MEAN 'continue'.  We will still give you no care or support because our mates make billions of dollars by helping themselves instead.

5. To you, the mothers who were betrayed by a system that gave you no choice and subjected you to manipulation, mistreatment and malpractice, we apologise.  And our apologies are totally meaningless, as we continue the same manipulation, mistreatment and malpractise. 

6. We say sorry to you, the mothers who were denied knowledge of your rights, which meant you could not provide informed consent. You were given false assurances. You were forced to endure the coercion and brutality of practices that were unethical, dishonest and in many cases illegal. Unethical and dishonest still remains, when will the government accept the harsh truth that child protection is corrupt to the core and prevent another stolen generation that is currently taking place.

7. We know you have suffered enduring effects from these practices forced upon you by others. For the loss, the grief, the disempowerment, the stigmatisation and the guilt, we say sorry.  Sorry, Sorry, Sorry.  We still won't change a thing.  We will still remove your children because we can, and even if you prove you are a good parent, we will not care.  We will never mean sorry.

8. To each of you who were adopted or removed, who were led to believe your mother had rejected you and who were denied the opportunity to grow up with your family and community of origin and to connect with your culture, we say sorry.  And to all the social workers who forced you to call your foster parents 'mummy' and 'daddy', we will one day apologise for this also - just not today.

9. We apologise to the sons and daughters who grew up not knowing how much you were wanted and loved.  We've ruined your life, we ruined your opportunities, we ruined many relationships.  We're not sorry one bit.  We will always tell your children you do not want to see them, and tell you they do not want to see you.  This is how we are, and how we work.

10. We acknowledge that many of you still experience a constant struggle with identity, uncertainty and loss, and feel a persistent tension between loyalty to one family and yearning for another. Maybe the prerequisition for a social worker should be that upon birth of their first child, that child be removed and placed in an abusive household, so that social workers can soon become aware of what they are doing to thousands of families each and every day.!

11. To you, the fathers, who were excluded from the lives of your children and deprived of the dignity of recognition on your children's birth records, we say sorry. We acknowledge your loss and grief.  We acknowledge this because we have to look like we mean sorry, but you already know its a load of rubbish.

12. We recognise that the consequences of forced adoption practices continue to resonate through many, many lives. To you, the siblings, grandparents, partners and other family members who have shared in the pain and suffering of your loved ones or who were unable to share their lives, we say sorry.  How many forced adoptions, forgotten australians and stolen generations are going to continue, and when will the government make the same organisations accountable for their actions.  This is the only way to ensure that children are protected.

13. Many are still grieving. Some families will be lost to one another forever. To those of you who face the difficulties of reconnecting with family and establishing on-going relationships, we say sorry.  We still don't mean it, but as you can see, we're going to say it again and again - just to make the rest of the public believe that we actually know what we did wrong, and are making amends.  We're not, but we're making another billion dollars each year with forced adoption.

14. We offer this apology in the hope that it will assist your healing and in order to shine a light on a dark period of our nation's history. Every day is dark whilst child protection is corrupt and while children who come from loving homes are continually being removed despite any evidence of abuse to the child.

15. To those who have fought for the truth to be heard, we hear you now. We acknowledge that many of you have suffered in silence for far too long.  And for those of you who are ignorant, we have long since brought in hundreds of laws to prevent you from knowing that forced adoptions and child stealing is still going on, as we punish parents who speak out and sometimes even put them in jail now.

16. We are saddened that many others are no longer here to share this moment. In particular, we remember those affected by these practices who took their own lives. Our profound sympathies go to their families.  We're not saddened, we just couldn't give a flying fuck.

17. To redress the shameful mistakes of the past, we are committed to ensuring that all those affected get the help they need, including access to specialist counselling services and support, the ability to find the truth in freely available records and assistance in reconnecting with lost family.  But in all cases, even including obtaining your birth certificate we will now force you to pay for each bit of information you are seeking, that is, if we haven't already burnt it because there is too much damning evidence of the cruel abuse you suffered at the hands of our government and its crooked agents.

18. We resolve, as a nation, to do all in our power to make sure these practices are never repeated. In facing future challenges, we will remember the lessons of family separation. Our focus will be on protecting the fundamental rights of children and on the importance of the child's right to know and be cared for by his or her parents.  Julia Gillards nose must have grown an inch whilst stating this one - never repeated, what she meant was 'never to be stopped'.  Child protection corruption is forced adoption, it's just different words.

19. With profound sadness and remorse, we offer you all our unreserved apology. But nothing will change.  Your children are still being forcibly removed, and your voice is still not being heard, and all those in power now are fully aware of the corrupt state of child protection and hospitals and all the agencies who profitted years ago, who are profitting ten-fold now for doing exactly the same thing.

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