The Termination/Cross-Appeal, Part IV - The Court Documents

As you know, I'm about to lose my appeal...and my daughter, Trilynn, forever, in probably just a few short days.  Of course, all the criminals will, at least on the state level, get away with their heinous crimes, and it will all get shoved neatly under a pretty shroud of "confidentiality", so that Iowans everywhere can continue to be blissfully ignorant of how un-wonderful their state REALLY is.  And, since my going to jail is all a big part of that, I feel it's important that we share with you the paperwork from that case, as well.  Now, you've all seen EVERY document from the lower criminal juvenile court (If not, search for "And Away We Go" in the search box, or skim the archives for these in the December 2014-January 2015 range), so it's important that you see how it is that the Supreme Court weaseled out of properly handing this appeal as well.

It's important that you remember, here, that the events leading UP TO a termination of parental rights are probably the most essential part of that termination.  There would have to be valid reasons for doing this, wouldn't you think?  Well, wouldn't it also stand to reason that, if those reasons were important, that all of the records and transcripts involved with each and every case leading up to that Termination was important also?  How can you show that your rights were wrongfully terminated, if you don't address what happened before it?  Well it does matter...but here's the problem.  If you want the whole thing to be considered, even if you can't afford it?  You have to pay for it.

We were quoted a price of nearly $1000 for all of our court transcripts.  These, by the way, can hardly be considered to be accurate record of your proceedings;These, by the way, can hardly be considered to be accurate record of your proceedings; it's been proven time...and time...and time again, that transcripts of court proceedings can be easily altered...but then, so can the record of the courts, as can be documents placed in and taken out.  I have experienced almost all of these things personally, so, if there's anyone that knows it can happen?  I do.  The purpose of doing this, of course, is to show America that fraud in our courts these days, is common practice.  Oh, but there's the Federal Courts to handle those crimes right?  Riiiiiiiiiight.  One little problem though...where do you think the state and county district courts learned their little tricks?  Right again.

There's another little piece to this puzzle, and that piece involves our Court Ordered indigent status.  Because we are, indeed "indigent", as proclaimed by our courts, everything should be covered for us at state expense...not that we should have to pay at all, really...but that's "Just the way it is!"....right?  So even though our tax-dollars already go towards paying the salaries of all that are handing and hearing our cases, we are, these days, also required to pay additional "filing fees" and "fees" for transcripts, recordings of the hearings, and what-not.  Sounds a bit like double-dipping...doesn't it?  Shouldn't these things be ours...by right?  They're our hearings, we were involved...but if we want true justice, like through an appellate court, well then, we have to pay for it...again.  Does any of this sound right to you?  Because it isn't.  It's supposed to be an integral element of something that used to be very important in our judicial system.  Due Process.  The denial of your court records, recordings of hearings/trials, transcripts etc...because you need to pay for these things, is nothing short of robbery of the people...again (ever see what some of these people get paid to try your cases, or type up your court hearings?  Ridiculous!!) and a complete denial of your Constitutional right....of due process.  And if you can't afford these costs?  Sure, you can be claimed "Indigent" by the court, and you can have some fees waived, and a few costs covered...but your justice will still have a price tag on it, or you'll be required to do most of the leg work on it to make up for that.

So, here's how the criminals on our district court level...in full concert with the criminals on the Appellate level...managed to squeeze out of addressing the appeal, and everything involved with in.  For those of you who need a better grasp on what you're looking at, I refer you first, to the appeal to the termination, filed by me, and the two articles containing the information about the cross appeal,  filed by them.




Now, remember kids, these things take time...and I only have a small amount of time remaining before they incarcerate me for loving my daughter too much...so please, check right back, and I swear, that before Wednesday, all the other documents in this case, save the order by the appellate courts upholding the decision of the lower courts (which will be available in a short time, and will be added later) will be soon posted.  In the meantime, check those three out first, to get a better grasp on how this thing went down.  Be sure to note the dates of when we filed, as opposed to how long this took...and remember, there was a 6 month old baby (at the time) who was fast becoming a memory to the wronged parents, hanging in the balance...but then, who cares about the "Best Interest of the Child" when it's not in her best interest?...as ordered by those of the district court, right?  You get the idea.  "Take your time...no biggie...we're going to uphold the decision anyway.  No big whoop."  I'm sure that got said more than once, as they kept moving it to the back burner.

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