Declaration to all my gay friends in India

Political Cartoons on Gay Marriage and Gay RightsYes, I have many. So far. I was moved to write this after seeing an announcement about Delhi's Gay Pride March scheduled for later this month.

Yesterday was International Men's Day, and no one cared. Before you start smirking - men have real problems - they are the highest proportion of society almost anywhere to commit suicide, they are the highest proportion of society almost anywhere that is looking for work but cant find it, as boys they are the target of all kinds of female chauvinism - being the lowest recipients of benefits from the Indian Women and Child Development Ministry in India and being the target of, far more than girls, ADHD misdiagnosis with associated forced drug intake and behaviour control, to name a few of many, many examples. No one cares.

Every day dozens of mothers have their babies snatched from their arms by an inhumane and largely corrupt state machinery in all the parts of the world where Gay Pride is most celebrated. And no one cares.

So, first, there are many injustices and many ignored issues. Your Gay Pride is not the centre of the world. And you have to ask yourselves why your cause gets so much visibility and has so many vocal supporters, where other causes don't.

This is not a plea for egalitarianism amongst causes. All I am saying is that organisation takes money and other institutional support. The question is where is yours coming from and why? And why do you not care?

Second, are you a radical feminist? Do you believe that biology and gender are separate? Do you believe that gender is a social construct - that there is no innate difference between men and women? Do you believe that there is no such thing as motherhood or fatherhood, and that it makes no difference whether a child is raised by men without a mother, or by women without a father? Do you believe that for a child, there is no difference between being raised by your biological parents, by heterosexual adoptive parents, by two men, or two women? Do you believe that a stable family is the fundamental unit of society, or do you believe that family stability is optional and in reality a cover for patriarchal subjugation of women and children? If you don't believe in these ideas, then, please wake up. Because this is what Gay Pride stands for these days. And this is why I don't support your Gay Pride marches.

I'm really addressing this to my older gay friends - men in their sixties and seventies. You were raised in Indian families. You remember the lap of your mother. Do you really think it is right for society to not consider that children are entitled to their biological parents, and failing that, to preferably be placed with families that mimic the structure of the biological family and respect their ethnicity? Are you ok with well off people using poor women as surrogates?

Most of you, still talking to the older guys here, did some real work in your lives and established yourselves with impressive careers. By contrast, look at the superficial, spoilt, lazy young people who are espousing the gay rights movement in our cities today. How many of them has a job, or any sense of responsibility? Do you have any respect for these jokers? Are you blind to the way they are working the gay activism thing to avoid growing up or doing any real work? This is a real problem for our society and our future in India. Life is not all ha ha hee hee. Middle class Indian moms and dads need their sons and daughters to find real employment and stability in their lives.

Don't tell me that I'm a bigot. I come from a very respectable family and we have always included you in our lives. Some of you are personal gurus, some of you are close friends. So, if I am a bigot, then I think you have a pretty good deal in bigots.

If you feel beleaguered. Then I feel beleaguered too. I'm seeing some pretty bad things happening to women and children, all instigated by radical feminist ideology. So your association with this distorted ideology bothers me a lot. The main reason why men rights and unjustified child confiscation by the State receives no attention is that radical feminists are opposed to these issues and see advocacy for them as being a threat to their ideology - which it is, and rightly so. Their ideology is distorted and totalitarian.

Also, sex is not everything. By sixty and seventy, this is something you must have learnt. Sex, love, self-expression - if only these things were a simple matter of deciding whether you are gay or straight. Its all very complex and self-contradictory and changeable, and......who knows. You have seen what has to be given up when you decide to live gay and single, and you have seen what has to be given up when you live straight and married. These are tough choices and, so much is dictated by circumstance. So, can we please not live in a world where we pretend that sex is something that can be taught in schools, or that love is political.  I agree that we should take sex off the statute books - we should not criminalise certain sexual practices. But can we please say a firm no to gender studies type indoctrination of primary schoolers. I am not comfortable with small children being introduced to the idea of men loving men or women loving women. No normalisation of gay and lesbian relationships in cartoons and other children's entertainment.  If you invade my children's space with all of this, then I am going to shut down. And I don't make an exception of sexual orientation in this regard - I don't want primary schoolers being exposed to any kind of sex education, storybooks about divorce or single motherhood, abortion, drugs, smoking, drinking, cross dressing, or any of these other adult topics. Not for small kids, not in a school environment, and not without parental supervision.

So, there you have it. Or at least some of it. Forget this gay pride march. There has never been the kind of resistance to same sex relationships here in India as there has been in the West. The vast majority of people have other things to worry about. Let things grow here organically vis-à-vis gay rights, as they were until the narcissists and radical feminists took over. Because they are pushing a lot of people who are reasonably open to gay rights in a corner with their anti-gender and anti-family agenda.

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