When a public official doesn’t do their job, or deliberately does wrong to a person, that’s the worst kind of abuse. Those individuals – whether judges, attorneys or others – need to be removed from the system. But they almost never are because there is no meaningful oversight in the courts and those who try to speak out are retaliated against.

There needs to be greater oversight, accountability and transparency of our child welfare system and juvenile dependency courts.

Reform the human services, which thanks to our government repeating past attrocities, has again turned our most vulnerable into extremely profitable commodities for greedy NGOs.  Government to facilitate all human services and withdraw use of NGOs immediately.

Accountability and jail for any human services employees or stakeholders breaching any law or policy or procedure.

Human trafficking by our governments must cease immediately and children, the elderly and disabled freed from NGO prison where they're chemically restrained to sit and accumulate cash for traffickers.

We recommend that all lawyers and other stakeholders be removed from all human services - after jail of all those found to be in breach of any laws contributing towards domestic trafficking.  All law societies and legal services commissions to cease existence as they serve no purpose other than to protect criminal lawyers who traffick children, the disabled and the elderly.

CPS is supposed to give families chances.  According to Proverb 16:27: ‘Ungodly man is immoral. An evil man digs up evil.’ Why does man dig up evil? Usually to slander you.

Some people have done bad and can’t go back and change what they have done. But it doesn’t mean that they cannot change and that we should not exercise wisdom, love, compassion and humility. A person unwilling to help others is a person without humility. Proverbs 18:21: ‘Death and life are in the power of the tongue: And they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.’

CPS is supposed to give families chances.”

We must use our words to build up, not tear down; encourage, not discourage. And thus we should encourage those who are trying to better themselves by giving them second chances.


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