Both the caseworker and several attorneys who reviewed the case on behalf of the Houston Chronicle said the supervisor’s actions could amount to perjury, a charge the agency denies.

The caseworker, Paul Lozelle, made the allegation to several top officials at the the Department of Family and Protective Services in a blistering resignation letter obtained by the Chronicle. The allegations come on the heels of two recent child welfare cases in which CPS workers faced allegations of altering records.

They lost custody of their kids for making them do too much homework, couple says.
After a false claim of neglect was submitted to Mississippi DHS, they took five children away from a Bay St. Louis couple. After months and many tears, CASA helped the family reunite.
Most of the complaints about child neglect within the Mississippi Department of Human Services system are deemed unfounded, yet there are thousands of children and families affected by Mississippi’s child welfare system. We show you a child’s path.