On the 17th February 2012 Robert Green was sentenced to as year in prison and joined the list of other miscarriages of justice cases to have taken place in our British Courts of Justice.

His crime was for distributing leaflets trying to expose the injustices of the Hollie Greig sexual abuse scandal, which reveals high level politicians, the police and members of the legal fraternity in general, have colluded to prevent the Hollie Greig case from being fully investigated and heard in court.  

We can only assume that this week, Robert Green’s legal team are going to seek a consultation; “Judge in Chambers” and apply for immediate bail for Robert, pending an appeal, which should be against the; “Severity of Sentence” at the very least.

This is not a serious crime, despite the circumstances, so ‘Leave to Appeal” should be granted, it’s not as if he is a danger to the public, it’s for handing out leaflets, no matter if he was even in breach of anything else, [which I don’t think he is], which might be related to this ‘’handing out of leaflets’ case.

The major fundamental problem in which Hollie and Robert have, and still are experiencing, is this massive judicial monster, that is run and controlled by members of secret societies, whom predominately are Freemasons, whom together and as a collective, have ganged up on the likes of poor Hollie, and noble men like Robert Green, - so we have no choice but to come together and help people like this the best we can.

Robert is no different than Julian Assange, nor is Hollie in that case, and that they warrant as much help and assistance as we can muster up, as after all, who really are the likes of Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, Robert Green or Hollie Greig?  The answer is simple, they are the likes of you and I and at any given time, any of us could find ourselves in a similar desperate situation, in which this case is, as let’s not forget there is a man incarcerated in a hell hole of a place and his plight needs to be heard and addressed immediately not next month or the month after, but NOW!  

The Temple Bar was set-up by the Knight Templars, whom to this day run the whole of our legal system, not just here in the UK, but also in many other countries around the world. Hollie Greig, who has Downsyndrom, has been sexual abused, among other poor kids, by some of these animals, that as you say, it’s only because of their Masonic connections, they have been able to get away with this miscarriage of justice. – Robert Green has been sentenced for trying to expose these nonce cases and nothing else, it’s spiteful, and are hoping he will then go away, and that the sentence will scare others off trying to expose these ‘real criminals’, – and that’s why we have to stand by him.

Lets come together on this, and like I say, as I have experience in these matters, his legal team should be applying for immediate bail following an appeal tomorrow, as I know that’s what Robert would like to hear, it might take a few days to get before a Judge, and a fee could be required, I don’t know today’s costs, but in the 1980’s, it cost around £600–800 to see a “Judge in Chambers” to seek bail pending an appeal.  

Join are cause, as the more we can get together to fight this gigantic judicial corrupt illegal system, in which we are all victims of, then we might have some chance of ‘real change’ and not loose change they have forever thrown at us, and we might be able to help those such as Hollie and Robert Green;

Following a Press Release by the http://www.holliedemandsjustice.org it announced; “Robert Green jailed by Scottish Court on February 17, 2012. - Robert is currently being held at HMP ABERDEEN, Craiginches, 4 Grampian Place, Aberdeen AB11 8FN. Phone: 01224 238300.

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