‘Motherisk' hair testing was flawed, and improperly administered all across Canada over twenty years. The results were devastating. Families broken up, children seized and irrevocably adopted out.

Motherisk case shows cracks in child welfare as Ontario turns its back on the many victims.

Motherisk hair testing tragedy timeline:

"Ontario's liberal government orders schools to take down Motherisk flyers."


"The cases found so far that fit that criteria are very few."

"Dr. Gideon Koren denies the allegations in the lawsuit, arguing that the drug tests at Motherisk were accurate and reliable for their intended purpose."

"Lawyers spar over whether class-action into Motherisk drug-testing scandal should go ahead"

Then "Judge rejects proposed class-action over Motherisk drug-testing scandal." LET THE VICTIMS FEND FOR THEMSELVES.

A class-action lawsuit is not the best way for the thousands of families across Canada affected by Motherisk’s flawed drug and alcohol testing to fight for compensation in court, a Toronto judge has ruled.

A case heard in Kitchener, Ont., concerned a since-debunked Motherisk drug test that the mother took, which resulted in her child — identified as K. — being removed from her custody in 2012. The case languished through the system for years, and it became what Campbell described as a perfect storm of “errors, incompetence, institutional oversights and mistakes,” which left the child in a “legal limbo,” where neither parent had contact with her.

Now it would be really convenient for the society if we believed everything bad that happened to K was because of a bad system and not directly the work of CHILD POACHING FUNDING PREDATORS.

In his 101-paragraph decision, Campbell said the parents and K. “have been consumed and trampled by the Frankenstein process we have created and allowed to become unmanageable.”

“The child welfare system in Ontario is broken,” Campbell wrote.

Source: http://www.lawtimesnews.com/author/alex-robinson/motherisk-case-shows-cracks-in-child-welfare-13180/

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