Cartoon Movement - Child ProtectionSocial workers raised concerns about the boys, both aged under four, after they spotted bruising on the lads'.

A MUM who let her two kids sleep in her bed has had them taken off her and put up for adoption by a judge.

Social workers raised concerns about the boys, both aged under four, after they spotted bruising on the lads. A mum who allowed her two young boys to sleep in the same bed as her has had them removed from her care.  Judge Peter Greene said the children’s mother had failed to act on advice about “co-sleeping” from childcare professionals and disregarded advice about feeding.

Judge Greene said proceedings began after the older boy’s leg was bruised when he was a few months old.  The judge had concluded that the bruising had been “inflicted by the (boys’ father) but unintentionally as a result of using excessive force”.  He had also concluded that the boys’ mother was “was ignoring advice against co-sleeping”.  Social workers had been told to supervise and support the family.  Professionals had then become concerned about the younger boy.  Checks revealed bruises and a broken wrist when he was months old.

Children are disappearing from UK care homes at an "alarming" rate, two charities warn.

The number of children missing from UK care homes is “alarmingly” high, two charities say, raising concerns about the effectiveness of the country’s child protection system.

Of the nearly 760 trafficked or unaccompanied children who disappeared from care homes across the UK last year, over 200 have not been found, according to a study by ECPAT UK and Missing People charities published on Tuesday.

How the foster-care system—which disproportionately affects Indigenous children—shows that Canada hasn't learned from past policies.

Children hold signs along with members of the Saskatoon Tribal Council outside of the courthouse in Regina Sask., on Tuesday, June 28, 2016. The Saskatchewan government is seeking an injunction to take back responsibility for children under the care of the Saskatoon Tribal Council, but some say the move infringes on aboriginal sovereignty. (Jennifer Graham/CP)Children hold signs along with members of the Saskatoon Tribal Council outside of the courthouse in Regina Sask., on Tuesday, June 28, 2016. The Saskatchewan government is seeking an injunction to take back responsibility for children under the care of the Saskatoon Tribal Council, but some say the move infringes on aboriginal sovereignty. (Jennifer Graham/CP)

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been taking a great deal of heat over the Liberal government’s recent approvals of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline and Enbridge’s Line 3 pipeline, while TransCanada continues to pursue the Keystone XL and Energy East projects. These decisions have inspired major media attention, political debates, litigation, and on-the-ground protests because of their inherent threats to the health and well-being of people, land, water, plants and animals. But there’s another pipeline that’s arguably more lethal than those that carry oil and gas, but gets far less attention from the media or politicians: the pipeline from Canada’s foster-care system to murdered, missing and exploited Indigenous women and girls.

Episode 22 - Take 2: Open-Ended Conversation on Family Law/CPS ...Another heartbreaking story of Bunbury Child Protection now formally known as (DCPFS) Now Community Support Program (CSP).  A young woman (18), ex state ward, gave birth through induction yesterday, to a beautiful healthy baby girl. Her home full of appropriate furniture, rent up to date, bills covered and everything necessary plus more, purchased for he bundle of joy. Her partner bought a car, has his license and works.

What could possibly go wrong?

CSP told her for 9 month's, she would get to keep her baby and no concerns have been raised.  The young mother formed a strong bond with her daughter during her pregnancy.  Yesterday, once her daughter was delivered safe and sound, CSP took the infant, just hours old. 

Another Government sanctioned kidnapping...  With no ability for this mother to prove parenting capacity, and no transparency or accountability by the Bunbury department of CSP, she now grieves...  Her heart is broken.  Her own child now a victim of this criminal organization due to system failures...  Knowing the lies and falsified records of child protection WA, the fabrications just to secure the next UNIT (the child) to barter with and for government funding, the fraud and false criminal convictions, the re-victimization of victims and much more...

Almost 600 children disappeared last year with more than 200 still missing, according to government figures compiled by ECPAT UK and Missing People. The study will be presented to MPs in Parliament on Tuesday and found more than a quarter of all trafficked children in the UK care system went missing in the 12 months prior to September 2015.

Authorities found a youth this week who had vanished from the state’s foster care system more than 300 days ago.

Scores are still missing, including an older teenager who has been gone for more than two years.

The Family with Twenty-Two Kids | The New YorkerChild welfare workers across the country have kicked thousands of missing foster care children out of the system – including one child as young as 9-years-old, a review by 25 Investigates uncovered.

Since 2000, federal records show child welfare agencies across the country closed the cases of more than 53,000 foster kids listed as “runaway” and at least another 61,000 children listed as “missing.”

A nationwide investigation with Atlanta sister station WSB also uncovered a patchwork of policies with some states able to close a missing child’s case after just a few months, while others have policies on the books to keep missing cases open until the child turns 21.

The review found:

  • Arizona and New Jersey allow child welfare workers to close a case if the child has been missing for at least six months.
  • Illinois closed the case of a missing 9-year-old foster child in 2016. State officials said the case was closed after six months with court approval. Illinois said it opened a new investigation nearly a year later and found the child, who is now in foster care.
  • Georgia eliminated its policy in 2016 that allowed the state to close the cases of children who are missing for a prolonged period. But officials there now admit to WSB that more than 50 cases of missing foster kids have been closed since that policy was eliminated.
  • Many states have policies for what to do when a missing foster child returns to state care, but a vast number don't specifically address what steps to take when a child remains missing.

For years, Massachusetts DCF has been telling the feds it hasn’t closed a single case of a foster kid who’s missing, but researchers, child advocates and a review by 25 Investigates found otherwise.

United Nations officials say children have gone missing from hospitals in Haiti since the devastating January 12 earthquake, raising fears of trafficking for adoption abroad.

"We have documented around 15 cases of children disappearing from hospitals and not with their own family at the time," said UNICEF adviser Jean Luc Legrand.

Indigenous children in foster care vulnerable to sexual abuse, fall prey to opportunistic predators

Tina Fontaine
Tina Fontaine's body was pulled from the Red River in Winnipeg on Aug. 17, 2014. It was wrapped in a duvet cover and weighed down with rocks.

Tina Fontaine was 15 when she was killed and her body thrown in the Red River. Phoenix Sinclair was five when she was beaten to death and her body hidden away in a landfill. Her death went undetected for nine months. Cameron Ouskan, who was regularly bruised and had head injuries, was only 13 months old when he died.

What these children all have in common is that they were Indigenous and they were all in foster care in the province of Manitoba.

Image result for child protection more concerned about keeping face than protecting childrenRumour has it, that the most recent three year old child being plastered all over the media as missing has actually gone missing from his foster care placement, and that Gabrielle Upton has attempted to use a media gag on people who want to tell the truth about this child.  Many of us were wondering why there have been no specifics about the case, for example, nothing has been mentioned about the childs family - and this is why. 

Now the media are being forced to lie (so to speak) because they already released the name and photo of the child referred to ... and are saying that the child went missing from his grandmothers (when it wasn't).  How cruel a woman could be, that she would use her powers, to prevent a family who have already experienced the horrors of child protection, from being able to discuss the fact that their toddler has mysteriously disappeared from the foster placement.

Washington, D.C. — A total of 501 juveniles have been reported missing in D.C. since the beginning of the year. This startling number has forced the hands of several officials who’ve written a letter to call on special help from the Justice Department in investigating the matter.

The letter, obtained by the Associated Press,asked FBI Director James Comey and Attorney General Jeff Sessions to “devote the resources necessary to determine whether these developments are an anomaly or whether they are indicative of an underlying trend that must be addressed.” It was signed by Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Cedric Richmond (D-La) and Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, who represents D.C. in Congress.

800,000 children a year in the United States go missing, many of them being sexually trafficked through pedophilia networks where the children suffer unimaginable horrors such as Satanic ritual abuse.

This number is comprised of documented cases of children gone missing, and does not include children who are born and bred into pedophilia networks and have no birth certificates, or undocumented immigrant children who come across the borders.

Worldwide, the number is close to 8 million children missing and being sexually trafficked.

Such is the scope of the problem that was reported earlier this year (2018) in Westminster, London by The International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ), as the court convened over a 3-day period to launch their Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse.

International Tribunal for Natural Justice Commissioners

The Judicial Commission is comprised of world leaders who have been involved in fighting child sex trafficking for years, and includes intelligence officers, politicians, legal scholars, and many others. (Website: https://commission.itnj.org)


To date, that we are aware of there has been three Georgian senators murdered to cover up child protective services crimes by the state.  These are Senator Nancy Schaeffer and her husband, Senator Robert Brown, Senator Bobby Franklin.  Then former marine turned child abuse industry documentarian Bill Bowen died, followed later by Martin Burns.  Another year later a former foster child Ashley Harris disappeared two days after releasing youtube videos detailing the corruption by Santa Clara County caseworkers and judges.

Given the untimely deaths of child abuse industry advocates, we are now dedicating a section to our still alive advocates.  We pray for their safety and that of their families whilst getting their hands dirty in an effort to save our innocent families from fate of the state.

Everyday state child protection authorities knowingly place innocent children with sex offenders, murderers, bank robbers and known child abusers.  They refuse to intervene in family law matters when they should be protecting children, because they cannot be bothered taking the time to really protect a child.  Part of the blame lays on the oversight authorities because they blatantly refuse to prosecute workers who practise unethical and unlawful work ethics, in fact we are unable to find one single case in the past two decades.

This section is dedicated to the mothers who lost their lives because of the torture to themselves and their children at the hands of the state child protection authorities. 

Mothers in every state in Australia have been unnecessarily lost dir to there being no rules or laws that child protection are forced to abide by. 

Innocent children are being drugged, raped and murdered under the care of the state, whilst child protection workets turn a blind eye - because it doesn’t suit their agenda or the “perfect” family they created to make up for their own mesed up childhoods.  

How many more mothers have to die at the hands of child protection before the government acknowledges what is happening. 

Many newspaper articles relating to child protection disappear.  This section is designed to keep an archive of relevant articles, so that even when they do go missing, there is evidence that the article did once exist.  Registered users can upload relevant child protection media or newspaper articles to this section, to assist with the archiving of records the government wants to see gone.

Medical kidnapping is part of a larger problem of State-sponsored child kidnapping. State-sponsored kidnapping is where the State steps in and decides that they know what is best for a child or group of children within a family, and then removes the children without any formal charges being brought against the parents. The parents lose their children immediately, often without any warrant being issued by a judge. They are assumed guilty by social services of something worthy of losing their children, usually with no formal charges filed in a court of law, and no trial by a jury of peers as is afforded by the Constitution of the United States of America. They must spend significant resources to try and get their children back from a family court system that is cloaked in secrecy with little to no accountability. Sometimes the parents are able to get their children back, but sometimes they do not, and the children are adopted out. Even in the instances where the children are allowed to return home to their parents, they are severely traumatized.

Source : http://medicalkidnap.com/2016/03/02/medical-kidnapping-a-threat-to-every-child-in-america-today/

Manmeet Bhullar 7fb80Manmeet Bhullar says no enquiry is needed. Manmeet Bhullar, who will take over the portfolio when the newly shuffled cabinet is sworn in next week, said Wednesday December 18 2013 he doesn't see the need to hold an independent public inquiry into the matter, as demanded by all three opposition parties. Great concerns the 33-year-old Bhullar, who is moving from the Service Alberta portfolio, lacks the experience to shepherd Human Services, which handles child and youth issues, social programs and homelessness. 

No inquiry means we do not think these children's lives matter, so much so that we can not even be bothered to look into their deaths. There are no words to describe how disgusted I am.

Whatever it takes to keep this out of the public's view. This government's actions speak far louder than their words will ever speak. People with nothing to hide DO NOT act the way these people do. They've been everything but forthcoming with information and openness.

https://www.facebook.com/manmeetbhullarmla  (Source : http://www.advocacycanada.com/Home/AdvocacyCanadaCampaignDetails/17)

Currently, Child Protective Services violates more civil rights on a daily basis then all other agencies combined, including the NSA / CIA wiretapping program.... CPS does not protect children ...

It is sickening how many children are subject to abuse, neglect and even killed at the hands of Child Protective Services. every parent should read this pdf from Connecticut DCF Watch : http://www.connecticutdcfwatch.com/8x11.pdf http://www.connecticutdcfwatch.com  

Number of Cases per 100,000 children in the US

(These numbers come from The National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect in Washington (NCCAN).

Recent numbers have increased significantly for CPS 

*Perpetrators of Maltreatment* 

Physical Abuse CPS 160, Parents 59

Sexual Abuse CPS 112, Parents 13

Neglect CPS 410, Parents 241

Medical Neglect CPS 14 Parents 12

Fatalities CPS 6.4, Parents 1.5 

Imagine that, 6.4 children die at the hands of the very agencies that are supposed to protect them and only 1.5 at the hands of parents per 100,000 children.

CPS perpetrates more abuse, neglect and sexual abuse, and kills more children then parents in the United States. If the citizens of this country hold CPS to the same standards that they hold parents too.

No judge should ever put another child in the hands of ANY government agency because CPS nationwide is guilty of more harm and death than any human being combined.

CPS nationwide is guilty of more human rights violations and deaths of children then the homes from which they were removed. When are the judges going to wake up and see that they are sending children to their death and a life of abuse when children are removed from safe homes based on the mere opinion of a bunch of social workers.  




Western Australia Department of Child Protection

Cognitive dissonance refers to a situation involving conflicting attitudes, beliefs or behaviors. This produces a feeling of discomfort leading to an alteration in one of the attitudes, beliefs or behaviors to reduce the discomfort and restore balance, etc.

For example, when people smoke (behavior) and they know that smoking causes cancer (cognition).

Festinger's (1957) cognitive dissonance theory suggests that we have an inner drive to hold all our attitudes and beliefs in harmony and avoid disharmony (or dissonance). This is known as the principle of cognitive consistency.

attitude change cognitive dissonance cartoon

Cognitive dissonance was first investigated by Leon Festinger, arising out of a participant observation study of a cult which believed that the earth was going to be destroyed by a flood, and what happened to its members — particularly the really committed ones who had given up their homes and jobs to work for the cult — when the flood did not happen.

While fringe members were more inclined to recognize that they had made fools of themselves and to "put it down to experience," committed members were more likely to re-interpret the evidence to show that they were right all along (the earth was not destroyed because of the faithfulness of the cult members).

Saul McLeod, updated 2014

Further reading : https://www.simplypsychology.org/cognitive-dissonance.html

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