We will never give up on emily's cause for FREEDOM.

Emily herself has told of the many abuses she has suffered in her DoCs placements and DoCs are well aware of her HORRENDOUS abuses in thier care.

As for the PUBLIC GUARDIAN NSW .......Emily has also told of her abuses by Bankstown Children's Handicapped Centre.

eg. 1) A guard of Emily's at BHCC Debbie Faith seriously drugged Emily just before a TRIBUNAL HEARING that deemed Emily incapable of feeding herself and using a cup/glass. After drugging Emily up , this EVIL woman Debbie Faith took photographs of herself assisting Emily with a cup to her mouth.

When ten of us met with Emily in early June of this year ...Emily ate and drank with manners far better than DoCs or Public Guardian EMPLOYEE.

eg.2) Emily has told of a BIG BLACK MAN that enters her room re Another guard at BHCC who pushes her sanity pads into her vagina.

Emily has been beaten up in DoCs GROUP HOMES and in various other placements where this IMMORAL GOV DPT has placed her over the years.

Emily's CRIES FOR HELP and to be returned to her adoring mother have been heard LOUD and CLEAR by everyone who has been involved in the CONSPIRACY to hide her away in a COLD , CRUEL and Callous place where she is isolated from the world outside.

What more can we do for Emily ? There is much more we can do > We can protest outside the Public Guardians Office and the Ombudsmans office etc.  These protests will be organised in the near future.


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