There is a way to address the common issues within the system including judicial, child protection and public guardianship corruption, and all those scheming and rorting MP's. 

It is not a quick fix but a long-term permanent solution.

Therefore, here goes ...

The reason we cannot get anybody to effectively act on extremely serious corruption is because no oversight authority is doing anything about it - and this problem is at the top of the ladder.

We cannot get oversight and accountability when the ministers for the departments are placed there by the parties and not the people. 

This was Di scovered this when Alecomm staff ran for senate.

The government has created illegal voting systems by :

  1. Allowing voting where there is a lack of suffrage - equality in voting - as defined in the constitution.
  2. Splitting senate candidates into different "classes" and treating them differently ie discriminating against them - lack of suffrage. It also violates international treaties ..
  3. Allowing parties to "rack up voting points" whereby the senators are not even being voted for but are still given positions in government.
  4. Ticking a box for a party – means politicians are not even being voted in legally - the constitution states that we must vote for senators [i][i] “directly chosen by the people of the State”.

So in reality...

  1. The only people who actually won seats in senate are / were the people who are voted for below the line. Individual senators being voted for.  Above-the-line voting does not constitute a valid vote for a senator.
  2. Half the tossers in parliament now are there illegally and half the candidates who are not there ACTUALLY should be there because they are the ones who were voted for.

Anyway ...

The cause and effect of this illegal voting is:

  1. Senators loyalty is to the party - because they are the ones giving them the position - not the public.
  2. Ministers loyalty is to the party also - so they do not give a hoot of what is going on in the real world - because even if they do a crap job - which we all know they are - we cannot touch them.
  3. We cannot vote them out if they fail in their position/duty to the public.
  4. Because we cannot vote them out - we do not have any advantage.

Why do we need the ability to vote (senators not parties)

  1. If we did have advantage - and the ability to not vote them in next election - they would do their job for fear of losing that position.
  2. if we had leverage (such as above), the senators would act on corruption and everything else that was put before them because they know that we'd vote for another senator next time if they didn't and if that senator didn't do their job, we'd vote for somebody else.


  1. Corruption would be addressed, and this would have a cause and effect also for senators and that is ... when people come forward with issues regarding corrupt magistrates - they would actually act.
  2. Parliament can vote out any magistrate or judge by simply "praying in parliament that they be removed", but:
  3. They will not do this, half of senators are former lawyers and solicitors.  In addition, they will not "pray" out their old friends.  However, if they knew that if they did not get rid of the corrupt ones, that they would be voted out in the next election, you bet your bottom dollar they would do it guaranteed.
  4. Changes in judges would tell the public that corruption in the courts will no longer be tolerated, and lawyers would start doing their job - because they would be next - because the ministers would act also when they receive complaints of corruption and maladministration ... and you know why.


  1. Ministers doing their jobs
  2. Employees doing their jobs because ministers would sack them and or jail them. (Which still needs to be done). 
  3. ICAC etc would do their jobs too because ministers would not threaten to pull funding from them if they investigated ministers mates etc.
  4. Lawyer corruption down because they would be canned and jailed if they failed their job (which yes we know this still needs to be done also).
  5. Psych reporters out of jobs - because we know they are useless anyway ... and maybe some of them in jail because they are failing to protect the children they are sending to abusers with the reports they are writing for profit.
  6. People including children, the elderly and the disabled will no longer be trafficked for profit (domestic trafficking) [ii] by those who are participating as a criminal cartel. [iii]






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