""My Imprisoned Wife" - Queensland OPG Imprisons Wife of 28 Years and Loots Family Estate"

I, a man going by the name Chris, a free man, over the age of twenty-one years, competent to witness, do affirm and say that I have first hand knowledge of the facts stated herein:

I am husband to the woman known as My Imprisoned Wife.  I have been married to My Imprisoned Wife for 28 years.  My Imprisoned Wife began to show signs of her disability four years ago.  I believe this disability is still to be properly diagnosed and qualified.  I believe this to be a condition called post traumatic stress syndrome.  I alone have been caring for My Imprisoned Wife while she has this condition.  On 2nd March 2011 My Imprisoned Wife had an episode where she presented her anger and had to be restrained.  I believe her anger was the result of withdrawal symptoms after ceasing her medication.  This medication was ??????????. 

On the evening of 2nd March 2011 I made an attempt to contact by phone four different support groups but each call went to a message-bank.  In a state of exhaustion I contacted Nambour Hospital on 3rd March 2011 for overnight help so I could obtain a nights rest to recover from the previous night’s lack of sleep.  This error of judgement began a nightmare for My Imprisoned Wife and I as she has been a PRISONER OF THE STATE ever since ...

Dr Rachell Kingsbury arranged a two week respite for Chris on 3rd March 2011

My Imprisoned Wife was admitted to Gympie Nursing Center on 4th March 2011

Chris signed an agreement with Gympie Nursing Center to admit My Imprisoned Wife on the 4th March 2011 for two weeks until 18th March 2011 upon which My Imprisoned Wife would be released to go home

Dr Rachell Kingsbury organized a medical assessment for My Imprisoned Wife during My Imprisoned Wife’ two week admission at Gympie Nursing Center

This assessment was done without consent or agreement of My Imprisoned Wife and Chris

My Imprisoned Wife’ native language is Filipino

My Imprisoned Wife speaks English only intermittently at this time

My Imprisoned Wife spoke Filipino at this time

An interpreter was NOT present during the medical assessment performed on Florida

The assessment found My Imprisoned Wife incompetent. She had been at the time heavily under medication (anti-depression)

An Adult Guardian was appointed by the Guardianship and Administration Tribunal on 17 March to administer the affairs of My Imprisoned Wife

Neither My Imprisoned Wife nor I were asked whether we wished to participate in a tribunal hearing or have an Adult Guardian appointed nor did we ever consent to such a program

The process that resulted in the appointment of an Adult Guardian for My Imprisoned Wife and her continued internment was manipulated by certain parties WITHOUT the consent of both My Imprisoned Wife or myself

Rather, I made vigorous efforts to legally secure the release of and free my wife, My Imprisoned Wife, from imprisonment as soon as I learned that it was the intent of Dr Rachell Kingsbury to institutionalize My Imprisoned Wife without either My Imprisoned Wife’ or my consent

The medical assessment made in relation to My Imprisoned Wife was defective because there was no Philippine interpreter present to interpret My Imprisoned Wife’ reply to the questions asked of her

Had a Philippine interpreter been present, the assessment outcome is likely to have been different and My Imprisoned Wife released from Gympie Nursing Center

The QCAT order was based on a defective medical assessment

Despite John Henry Doe’s and my written communications and phone calls to various members of the Adult Guardian, QCAT and the Queensland Health Department, noticing them of the defective medical assessment made of My Imprisoned Wife as well as the absence of any contract between the parties concerned, namely My Imprisoned Wife, myself and the various medical officers, employees of the Adult Guardian, QCAT and various respite institutions, My Imprisoned Wife remains imprisoned against her will and without her consent

The parties obstructing My Imprisoned Wife’ release have been noticed in writing regarding the accruing damages caused by their negligence in detaining My Imprisoned Wife, to both My Imprisoned Wife and myself

The damages claim against the parties concerned who have damaged and continue to damage My Imprisoned Wife and myself is accruing daily


#1 RE: "My Imprisoned Wife" - Queensland OPG Imprisons Wife of 28 Years and Loots Family EstateGuest 2011-12-22 15:43
I would be concerned too. Dr Rachell Kingsbury did dodgy things in Melbourne when she worked there.

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