Australia's First Case of Fully Verifiable ENFORCED DISAPPEARANCE by the NSW Public Guardian

A hearing held last week in the case of Emily Brown who is under the care of the NSW Public Guardian, consisted of Jonathon Harveson from the NSW Public Guardian - acting as Emily Browns "Boss", and numerous other government officials including her own legal representation who is hand picked by the government also.  Emilys mother Julie Brown was accompanied to the proceedings by Emilys previous Independant Advocate Caroline Mason.

NSW Public Guardian has decided that they will never share Emilys location with her mother - the only person / family continually in her life since she was first stolen by the government when she was only 5 years old, and for no evidentiary reason other than former officers at the NSW Department of Community Services, Robin Howe and co, did not like Julie.

The fact that only government representatives and / or government paid representatives were at the proceedings, and nicely stacked against mother and daughter is nothing more than a money making crusade on behalf of our greedy government, who happily pays agencies such as Catholicare up to $5000 per week until a foster child reachess the age of eighteen, even if that child has been sent home - and ultimately the grounds needed to prove an ENFORCED DISAPPEARANCE.

Whilst Jonathon Harveson freely admitted into evidence that Emily was being abused under his care, and that she prayed daily to see her mother, he stated to the government stacked tribunal that Emily has made no representation to see her mother, therefore stating Julie will be not entitled to see or even know where her daughter is being held captive by our own government.

Jonathon Harveson from the NSW Public Guardians office, who hired Emilys legal representative was also given hand written documentation by Emily through out the proceedings stating that she wanted to see both her mother Julie and her friend / former independent advocate Caroline Mason.  Both of Emily's requests were denied even though the tribunal were in receipt of hand written information from Emily stating the opposite.

The penalty for an ENFORCED DISAPPEARANCE ranges to 10 years imprisonment, which is exactly what Alecomm will be seeking in regards to the Public Guardians Officer Jonathon Harveson perpetuating such crimes upon an innocent mother and child, and for each and every member of the Tribunal who continally refuse to acknowledge evidence of Emily Browns constant abuse whilst under the care of the Public Guardian and now her irrefutable ENFORCED DISAPPEARANCE.


+4 #13 EmilyGuest 2011-12-18 18:20
Hi Julie,
I never realised that Emily is 21 the same as Matilda. I cant believe they can keep her away from you like this for so long and that she is an adult, yet has no rights. It is just bizarre. Anyone would think you are a serial killer. It is just docs dont wanna say they made a mistake by taking your baby for a bite from a mossie. Well anyway you have been really good to me and I just wanna say that you must be amazingly strong to be able to continue to fight yet support others a the same time. I am really sorry for both you and for Emily, I understand why you identify and often agree with me on the state of Australia,
and how citizens have no rights when docs decides against them. Kath
+23 #12 motherGuest 2011-06-23 10:49
According to Emily Docs started medicating her at age 15yrs in the group home run by Bankstown Handicapped Childrens centre. Emily was very upset by the medication as it effected her greatly. Yes her life has been destroyed by a system that needs to be seriously looked at, A young girl should not be locked up just because she suffers autism.!!!!keep fighting!!
+28 #11 RE: Emily Brown - Australia's First Case of Fully Verifiable ENFORCED DISAPPEARANCE by the NSW Public GuardianGuest 2011-06-21 18:09
Dear Caroline
Thank you ever so much for your comment in support of Emily & Julie. You as i and many others are absolutely heart broken and shattered ...not to mention disgusted with this appalling and out of control system that has Emily locked away in a very dark place in isolation and Julie continuing to live the reality of both her and Emily's living nightmare brought on by the unethical standards of the Government Dpts which tax payers fund , but have NO IDEA just how NEGLIGABLE and LIFE DESTROYING they are to innocent victims. Why ? Because they UTTERLY REFUSE TO ADMIT THAT THEY ...GOT IT SO WRONG.

Yes Emily's Story should be on the FRONT PAGE of every NSW and Australian NEWSPAPER hence DoCS and the Public Guardians Office choose to cover it up and in turn DESTROY two INNOCENT LIVES being dearest Emily and her forever enduring Mother Julie.

As i understand it , you were a wittness to a grown man crying ( Police Seargent who wittnessed Emily's pleas and begging to be with her Mother after she had been seriously ABUSED at a DoCS GROUP HOME which was closed down due to the DoCs state wards being completely out of control and Emily being a Victim of abuse in that Group Home.

But instead of sending Emily HOME to her Mother when the DoCS Group Home was closed down by local police.
Ben Anderson of DoCs made a life destroying decision when they sent Emily to Bankstown Childrens Handicapped Centre after the disgusting and out of control group home was closed down and this is where Emily SHUTDOWN VERBALLY after being abused all over again , and this is also the place where they drugged her up into a vegitated mess.
+29 #10 motherGuest 2011-06-21 15:11
I have had long conversations with Emily and my heart goes out to her. I have witnessed appaulling conditions she has lived in. Her Mother Julie Brown has been tormented my this government system that had destroyed her daughters life. I hope one day she is given the chance to have a relashionship with her daughter and Emily is given the opportunity to have contact with her Mother. I am surprised this story is not on the front page of every newspaper.
+33 #9 RE: Emily Brown - Australia's First Case of Fully Verifiable ENFORCED DISAPPEARANCE by the NSW Public GuardianGuest 2011-06-20 22:51
It is 1996 and Emily is happy and doing very well at the Starlight school and is being prepared to be intergrated into a mainstream state school. 3 days at the Starlight School and two days a week in a mainstream state school, Julie is also taking Emily to Jolly Jumback every Saturday to assist in her co-ordination skills and on Sundays both Julie and Emily attended a local parish kindergarten. Emily is a happy 6yr old and doing well. School reports PROVE THIS.

Why are DoCs involved ?

When Emily was almost three years old, Julie took Emily along to her local Health Centre which she attended regulary with Emily and mentioned to the sister that Emily's speech wasn;t clear enough for a normal 2 to 3 year old and the sister advised Julie to seek financial assistance towards SPEECH THERAPY for little Emily.

The appropiate Government Office was contacted for the financial assistance and the paperwork was filled out and sent off by Julie. Before long Emily was assigned a disability worker, who advised Julie to send Emily to the Starlight Intervention kindergarten to which Julie done exactly that, hence No Speach Therapy was organised re: Julie's initial request for financial assistance towards Emily's Speech Therapy. Though Julie regulary questioned the financial assitance re: how much longer would it take to be assessed ? ( Emily would not receive the requested SPEECH THERAPY for some four years later) DoCS Sutherland continually passed the buck when it came to Emily's Speech Therapy.

Due to Emily being assigned a disability worker and enrolled at the Starlight kindergarten, DoCS Staff checked incident books held at the kindergarten/sc hool and must be notified of the slightest incident involving the children.

One afternoon Emily is playing in the backyard at home with Julie and is bitten on her cheek by a MOSQUITO, the next morning Julie took little Emily to their family Doctor who checked a small blothed swelling on emily's face and then prescribed an antihistermine to counter the reaction Emily had to the MOSQUITO BITE.

The next morning before Emily was picked up by the Starlight school driver Julie packed Emily's lunch and along with her lunch box she included Emily's antihistermine for the teacher to give Emily her dose at lunchtime and a note explaining that Emily had had a reaction to a MOSQUITO BITE, which was the normal thing to do as the teachers put aside the lunch boxes and medications.

The Mosquito Bite T.B.C
+40 #8 RE: Emily Brown - Australia's First Case of Fully Verifiable ENFORCED DISAPPEARANCE by the NSW Public GuardianGuest 2011-06-19 01:48
As of the 19th of June 2011

The full, true and horrific Story of Emily Brown's abduction by two DoCS caseworkers who took out a vendetta on Julie Brown after she had politely asked them to leave her home three times and when she politely asked the fourth time also told them she would call the police and have them removed. On another occassion Julie contacted their superiors, who in turn ordered these two caseworkers return belongings that they stole from Julie's home.

The Vendetta

The Initial Risk of Harm Report used by these two caseworkers was A MOSQUITO BITE.

Hell hath no fury like two DoCs caseworkers who were ordered to return what they stole from Julie Browns home.

Over the next two weeks you will read of every abuse Emily and Julie have suffered at the hands of these two caseworkers.
+45 #7 RE: Emily Brown - Australia's First Case of Fully Verifiable ENFORCED DISAPPEARANCE by the NSW Public GuardianGuest 2011-06-18 11:32
Dearest Emily HAPPY 21ST Birthday

It is an absolute CRYING SHAME that the cold and cruel people who enjoy family life in a free atmosphere have you locked away without any respect for your wishes and to see your Mother Julie and especially so on this very special occassion being your 21ST BIRTHDAY.

All Australians should be enraged at what our Government Dpts have done to you over the past FIFTEEN YEARS in CARE of The State.

Since you were entered into THERAPY by DoCs for SEXUAL ABUSE in their care ...they have locked you away and taken every right from you.

As one of the many people in your support group i promise to continue to expose all those who have CONSPIRED to COVER UP the SERIOUS ABUSES you have SUFFERED in CARE OF THE STATE.
+49 #6 RE: Emily Brown - Australia's First Case of Fully Verifiable ENFORCED DISAPPEARANCE by the NSW Public GuardianGuest 2011-06-17 20:20
2009 Johnathan Harveson attended a meeting regarding Emily. This was meeting was held in the office of Luke Geary ( Lawyer for the Salvation Army ) In attendance was the less than desirable Johnathan Harveson, Lawyer Luke Geary, Belinda Spicer, Julie Brown. It was agreed by Mr Harveson that it would be Emily's decision to have visits organised with her mother Julie Brown and that Belinda Spicer would be Emily's independant advocate.

On Belinda Spicer's first and last visit with Emily she was shocked and horrified when Emily entered the room for the visit. Debbie Faith and Sandra Wiseman Bankstown Childrens Handicapped Centre had drugged Emily up to the hilt, leaving her a vegitated mess during the visit.Belinda Spicer opted out of the advocacy due to Emily's drugged state.

No long after Julie requested to see Emily and was told the Public Guardians Office had no funding to organise Julie's visits with Emily.

Jonathan Harveson has played cruel mental games with Emily and her mother for almost three years and the Public Guardians Office condones his cruelty towards both Emily and Julie.
+55 #5 RE: Emily Brown - Australia's First Case of Fully Verifiable ENFORCED DISAPPEARANCE by the NSW Public GuardianGuest 2011-06-16 15:49
Where is it that this Government Bully that goes by the name of Jonathan Harveson sits his butt in a working type fashion ?


Harvesting Children and Young People for the pleasure of FORCED DISAPPEARANCE is ILLEGAL under the Hague Convention ...and then tgo profit off their $739-00 per fortnight pension is COMMON THEFT .

This so called Advocate NOT should be Whipped in a Town Square ...Public Viewing .
+58 #4 Emily's Forced DisappearanceGuest 2011-06-15 21:04
This coming Saturday being the 18th of June Emily Brown will turn 21 years of age. Emily has not had a Birthday Party since she was STOLEN from her Mother Julie Brown fifteen years ago.

Last Tuesday at a Tribunal Hearing Emily requested to see her Mother and Julie requested to her DAUGHTER on her 21st birthday.

Today Mr Jonathan Harveson took great pleasure when he telephoned Julie Brown and told her in a cold, stern, and hardened voice that she would NOT see Emily on her 21st BIRTHDAY.

Emily Brown will once again be denied a visit from her loving Mother on her 21st Birthday and will be left alone in a Public Guardian appointed facility where she is being verbally abused on a daily basis by another inpatient at this facility.

Jonathan Harveson is ROTTEN TO CORE
+58 #3 RE: Emily Brown - Australia's First Case of Fully Variable ENFORCED DISAPPEARANCE by the NSW Public GuardianGuest 2011-06-15 20:42
On the 28th of October 2010 Julie Brown was told ( Documented Evidence )she would finally get visits with her daughter Emily in March of 2011...And They LIED to her once more and the visit did not eventuate. When Julie rang Bankstown Handicapped Childrens Centre to ask what date she would see Emily in March of 2010 she was told by a staff member that Mr Jonathan Harveson had changed his mind and there would be no visit at all. not on Mothers Day 2010 , not on Emily's Birthday in June 2010 and not on Julie's Birthday 2010 which Emily herself had pleaded again , again and again with Debra Faith ..Staffer ..Guard and Jailer of Emily.

Emily has become the PERSONAL PRISONER of Mr Jonathan Harveson who acts for the Public Guardians Office of NSW.

Emily also pleaded with her independent public advocate to see her mother and when the public advocate requested Emily see her mother , both Emily and the Advocate were told they could not afford someone to supervise the vists Emily had pleaded for.
+47 #2 RE: Emily Brown - Australia's First Case of Fully Variable ENFORCED DISAPPEARANCE by the NSW Public GuardianGuest 2011-06-15 20:24
Who is Julie Brown

Since the day Robin Howe and Suzanne Alexander (DoCS Sutherland caseworkers) removed little Emily via FALSE RISK OF HARM REPORTING ... Julie Brown is a woman who has lived in a haunted, traumatised, and shocked state every single day of the past fifteen years. Her haunted, traumatised and shocked state has been brought about by the endless abuses of her dear little Emily who has suffered numerous serious abuses at the hands of DoCs carers, Bankstown Handicapped Children's Centre staff and Jonathan Harveson via Public Guardians Office of NSW.

Julie has never given up trying to free her little girl from the hellish living nightmare she has been forced to endure during her fifteen years in a failed State Care system and now a Victim of so many more abuses in the hands of the Public Guardian's Office.

Emily's story has been published in two Sydney newspapers.
+44 #1 RE: Emily Brown - Australia's First Case of Fully Variable ENFORCED DISAPPEARANCE by the NSW Public GuardianGuest 2011-06-15 19:54

Mr Jonathan Harveson is a public servant for the The Office of The Public Guardian NSW and he is a man without conviction nor conscience.

Since Mr Harveson's appointment as Emily's guardian in 2008 he has negligently ignored every single one of Emily's requests to see her loving mother Julie Brown. He has disregarded all Emily's writings / written requests to see her MOTHER.

Since 2008 Mr Harveson has treated Julie Brown ( Mother to Emily Brown ) in the most inhumane and disrespectful ways. He has demeamed Julie Brown in a shameful and rude manner, by treating her like an uneducated fool.

Mr Harveson is HELL BENT on hiding Emily away from the one person on this earth who has always held Emily's best interest as her priority in life.

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