3254 -Legislative Assembly Questions and Answers - Tuesday 15 July 2008 - Guardianship Hearing for Emily Brown - Ms Katrina Hodgkinson asked the Minister for Community Services

(1) How many DoCS staff attended the Guardianship Tribunal hearing regarding the custody of Emily Brown?
(2) What is the employment position description of each of the DoCS staff attending this hearing?
(3) (a) Did any barristers and solicitors, retained by DoCS, attend this hearing?  (b) If so how many?
(4) What was the total cost to DoCS, including legal fees, for attending this hearing?


(1) Three.
(2) The Manager Casework was the applicant, the Manager Client Services attended as supervising officer and the Director Intensive Support Services was present due to the very complex nature of this case and at the specific request of the Guardianship Tribunal.
(3) DoCS was legally represented by a DoCS lawyer.
(4) No legal fees were incurred and the attendance of DoCS officers was seen as a normal part of their duties in relation to ongoing casework. No special costs were incurred in relation to this hearing.

Source : http://www.parliament.nsw.gov.au/prod/la/lapaper.nsf/0/84AB3CC8C055E870CA257486001FC9CC/$file/081-QA-S.pdf

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