VOTING SUFFRAGE: What are you going to do?

If our voting systems were not corrupted as they have been and in violation of our constitution, then we would have the power to NOT vote any if these treasonous snakes time and time again. 

We are supposed to vote in senators - not parties. When we demand our constitutional voting rights, then we get to completely choose who represents us.  Until then we will continue to plummet down hill and our country’s assets will continue to be sold off by each successive government. 

Running our government was never supposed to be about teams - it was about the individuals we voted in working together for whats best for us. And if they did not do that, then our votes went elsewhere next time. 

Something i often here is the “government” and the “coalition” ... an implication that only one party is the “government”.  Well the “government” is EVERY SINGLE PERSON elected into parliament - and every single one of them are supposed to work together as our government, for the benefit of our people.  Anything less is treason. 

For the record, so much corruption and dirty deals would be extinguished in Australia if true democracy is restored. Judges would do their job better because they’d know if they didn’t that they’d be tossed out. And they’d keep the legal fraternity in line, for fear of repercussions also. And the pollies would keep the judges in line because if they didn’t, they too would lose their job. 

Australia really could go ahead in leaps and bounds, in all areas, if they just rioted like the other countries have until the crooks step down and we actually elect people instead of parties. And things like this muslim for rd oppression, would be laughed all the way out of the polling booths and would never make it into politics.  ** For what it’s worth, it took me running for senate a few years ago to realise how tainted our elections are. 

Google VOTING SUFFRAGE and the Australian Constitution and the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place.

Australia has no voting suffrage and this is where our issues lie.

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