Protecting Family Courts, which side of the fence are you on Mr Porter?

The blatant abuse of public trust by Mr Porter - who for twelve months said he will not do anything about the Family court until ALRC report is available, He is trying to slip in a genocidal bill in their last days of his government in parliament.  Join more than 35,000 who signed this petition, share and support -$5 goes a long way in exposing Family Courts and its protectors- via this petition.

Australia's Attorney General, Mr Christian Porter, knows only too well the extent of corruption in Family Courts and knows it in every minute detail. Mr Porter knows and is in possession of undeniable evidence of the extent of abuse of parents and devastation of children and their families in these secret courts.

10 years ago a small 5 year old was thrown over the Westgate Bridge in Melbourne. Her family were victims of Family Courts. Chief Justice Diana Bryant "decided" to take the Family Court files to the Victoria's Attorney General Office by herself. Apparently and according to her, the files were stolen from her car that showed no sign of breaking in. She claimed she had left the doors to her car unlocked. The same Chief Justice of the Family Courts was the Senior Partner to the Law Firm that stole (and her mother convicted of theft and fraud) $21,000,000 in 1975, the largest theft in history at the time. She got protection from prosecution for the death of Darcy Freeman and her "losing" the Family Court Files were covered up. The files were to be sent by courier but Chief Justice stops the correct and legal transfer of files and says she will take them by hand and personally to the Victoria's Attorney General.

Fast forward to 2018! Chief Justice Pascoe and Chief Justice Alstergren both admitted that family Courts should be subject to a Royal Commission.

Of matters that were reported in the gagged media that were related to Family Courts, there were murder/suicides in Perth WA and Sydney NSW. Two families totally wiped off both entangled in the notorious WA and Sydney Family Courts. A total of 6 young children, two mothers, two grand parents and one father were murdered or took their own lives in two families. The files were never made public although ALL children were dead. The Family Court Operatives who were instrumental in pushing these two distraught families to annihilation were never named or prosecuted.

Family Courts' Operatives are 100% protected from prosecution, oversight, investigation or review.

Attorney General of Australia instead of relying on the evidence before him to call a Royal Commission, called Parliamentary Reviews and Law Reviews and completely neglected the corrupt culture of Family Courts.

The trickery that now the Attorney General is relying on, quite lawyer-like, is to take to the parliament in the last days before his government is in Parliament, against all his public assertion that he will not do anything about the Family Courts until he has the ALRC Review of the Family law in March.

The ALRC Review is one obtained with the majority of advisors current and past family Court Judges, the roots of dysfunction.
Chief Justice Diana Bryant (mentioned above) is on their Advisory Committee!!!

Mr Porter!  Parents trusted you that you would do the right thing by them. They were wrong!

They will not give up pursuing the crimes of Family Courts. Like the Catholic Church, the Family Courts will be investigated and the perpetrators of crimes against innocents will be prosecuted. Those who covered up for them will be named, shamed and prosecuted.

Those who protected them will be named, shamed and prosecuted. Those who used their positions of power and blocked the Royal Commission will be named and shamed and prosecuted.
Children will grow up and they, in their hundreds and thousands, will hold you, your government, the Law Council, the Judges' Union, and anyone who knowingly perpetrated illegal and unlawful abuse of voiceless children and gagged parents, responsible.
Your Prime Minister who voted against Royal Commission into sexual abuse of children in churches, said that the conviction of Cardinal Pell shows "No one is above the Law".

Family Courts Operatives ARE above the law and you and your government and your predecessors are all guilty of cover-up and protection of an organised crime racket and prolonging their hold on power and their position ABOVE the LAW.

Cardinal Pell and all those who protected him and the likes of him and failed to protect the Children will go to Hell... Where will you go Mr Porter?

You have three days to call the Royal Commission.
Will your conscience guide you to take the just way or will it guide you to politicking with the lives of innocent victims of Family Courts?

Source : https://www.change.org/p/call-an-independent-royal-commission-into-familycourt-s-corruption-organisedcrime-racketeering-devastation-of-children-innocent-victims-lives/u/24223115?recruiter=115591435&utm_source=share_update&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=share_twitter_responsive&recruited_by_id=1e0f9e68-e279-49f8-a84a-02725d8560f4&pt=AVBldGl0aW9uAKQndQAAAAAAXD3ckdsSDUk0N2U0ODljZA%3D%3D

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